why do mma fighters have cauliflower ear

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters are known for their intense training and physicality. One distinctive physical trait often seen in MMA fighters is cauliflower ear. This condition, scientifically known as auricular hematoma, occurs when the outer ear is repeatedly subjected to trauma, resulting in a deformed and swollen appearance. While cauliflower ear may seem like a badge of honor for fighters, it is important to understand why it occurs and the potential risks associated with it.

1. The Mechanism of Injury

One of the main reasons why MMA fighters develop cauliflower ear is due to the nature of their sport. The constant grappling, strikes, and submissions involved in MMA often result in trauma to the ears. When the outer ear is forcefully struck or compressed, it can cause blood vessels within the ear to rupture, leading to the accumulation of blood and subsequent swelling.

2. Lack of Protection

MMA fighters typically do not wear headgear or ear protection during training or competitions, unlike athletes in other combat sports such as boxing or wrestling. This lack of protection increases the risk of ear trauma and the development of cauliflower ear.

3. Repeated Trauma

Cauliflower ear is not an immediate consequence of a single traumatic incident. It often develops over time due to repeated trauma to the ears. MMA fighters engage in regular training sessions and competitions, increasing their exposure to potential ear injuries.

why do mma fighters have cauliflower ear

4. Wrestling Techniques

Wrestling is a fundamental aspect of MMA, and certain wrestling techniques, such as the double leg takedown or the clinch, can contribute to the development of cauliflower ear. These techniques involve close contact and can result in accidental strikes or compressions to the ears.

5. Grappling and Submission Holds

Grappling and submission holds, such as the guillotine choke or the triangle choke, often involve applying pressure to the head and ears. The constant friction and compression during these techniques can lead to the formation of cauliflower ear.

6. Delayed Treatment

MMA fighters may delay seeking medical treatment for ear injuries due to their commitment to training and competing. This delay can exacerbate the condition, making it more difficult to treat and increasing the likelihood of permanent deformity.

7. Lack of Awareness

Some MMA fighters may not be fully aware of the potential risks and consequences of cauliflower ear. They may not realize the importance of seeking immediate medical attention or taking preventive measures to protect their ears.

8. Cultural Significance

Cauliflower ear has become somewhat of a symbol of toughness and dedication in combat sports. Some fighters may intentionally avoid treatment to maintain their “warrior” image and to demonstrate their commitment to the sport.


Cauliflower ear is a common condition among MMA fighters, resulting from repeated trauma to the ears during training and competitions. While it may be seen as a symbol of dedication and toughness, it is essential for fighters to understand the potential risks and consequences associated with cauliflower ear. Seeking immediate medical attention, using protective gear, and taking preventive measures can help minimize the development and severity of this condition.

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