who won the jake paul vs gib boxing match

who won the jake paul vs gib boxing match

The Jake Paul vs Gib boxing match was highly anticipated by fans and boxing enthusiasts alike. The two YouTube sensations stepped into the ring to settle their differences and prove who was the superior fighter. In this article, we will analyze the match from various aspects to determine the winner.

Physical Conditioning

who won the jake paul vs gib boxing match

Physical conditioning plays a vital role in boxing matches. Both Jake Paul and Gib trained rigorously for this fight, focusing on strength, endurance, and agility. Jake Paul’s intense workout routines and dedication to his fitness regimen gave him a slight edge over Gib in terms of physical conditioning.

However, Gib’s determination and hard work cannot be overlooked. He showed significant improvement in his physique and stamina during the match. Despite not being as physically fit as Jake Paul, Gib managed to hold his ground and put up a good fight.

Technique and Skill

Boxing is not just about strength; technique and skill are equally important. Jake Paul displayed impressive boxing skills throughout the match. His footwork, quick jabs, and powerful hooks showcased his technical proficiency. He effectively utilized his reach advantage to keep Gib at bay.

Gib, on the other hand, relied more on his aggressive style and close-range punches. While his technique was not as refined as Jake Paul’s, he demonstrated determination and resilience. Gib’s relentless attacks and ability to absorb punches showed his skill in the ring.


Both fighters entered the match with different strategies. Jake Paul aimed to maintain distance and use his reach advantage to land powerful punches. He focused on counter-attacks and capitalizing on Gib’s mistakes. His strategy paid off, as he managed to land several significant blows.

Gib, on the other hand, opted for a more aggressive approach. He tried to get close to Jake Paul and overwhelm him with a flurry of punches. While this strategy allowed him to land some hits, it also exposed him to counter-attacks from Jake Paul.

Ring Control

Ring control refers to a fighter’s ability to dictate the pace and positioning of the match. Jake Paul showcased excellent ring control throughout the fight. He effectively used his footwork to move around the ring, preventing Gib from cornering him. This control allowed Jake Paul to dictate the flow of the fight.

Gib struggled to maintain ring control due to Jake Paul’s superior footwork. He often found himself trapped in corners, giving Jake Paul the upper hand. However, Gib’s determination and resilience allowed him to regain control at certain points in the match.


Defense is crucial in boxing to avoid taking unnecessary hits. Jake Paul displayed solid defensive skills, effectively blocking and dodging Gib’s punches. He demonstrated good head movement and footwork, making it difficult for Gib to land clean shots.

Gib’s defense was not as refined as Jake Paul’s, but he showed resilience in absorbing punches. He relied more on his ability to take hits and continue fighting. While this strategy allowed him to stay in the match, it also left him vulnerable to Jake Paul’s counter-attacks.

Impactful Moments

The match had several impactful moments that influenced the outcome. One such moment was when Jake Paul landed a powerful right hook, knocking Gib down. This knockdown showcased Jake Paul’s punching power and significantly impacted the judges’ scoring.

Gib’s resilience and determination were evident when he managed to get back up after the knockdown. He continued to fight and landed some significant punches on Jake Paul. These moments showcased Gib’s fighting spirit and kept the match engaging.

Judges’ Decision

After an intense battle, the judges’ decision was announced. Jake Paul was declared the winner of the match. The judges took into account various factors such as technique, ring control, defense, and impactful moments. Jake Paul’s overall performance and dominance throughout the match earned him the victory.


The Jake Paul vs Gib boxing match was a thrilling encounter between two YouTube sensations. While Gib displayed resilience and determination, it was Jake Paul’s physical conditioning, technique, strategy, and ring control that ultimately led to his victory. Both fighters showcased their skills and entertained the audience, making it a memorable match in the world of boxing.

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