why do mma fans hate wrestling

why do mma fans hate wrestling

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and professional wrestling are two popular combat sports that have a significant fan base. While both sports involve physical combat between athletes, there is often a divide between fans of MMA and wrestling. This article aims to explore the reasons why some MMA fans dislike professional wrestling.

1. Authenticity

One of the main reasons why some MMA fans dislike wrestling is the perception of it being scripted and predetermined. MMA fans appreciate the raw and unscripted nature of their sport, where the outcomes are determined by the athletes’ skills and techniques rather than predetermined storylines.

Furthermore, the exaggerated theatrics and storytelling in wrestling can be seen as detracting from the authenticity and integrity of the sport. This can lead to a sense of disinterest or even disdain among MMA fans.

2. Athleticism

MMA fans often appreciate the high level of athleticism displayed by the fighters in their sport. They admire the rigorous training, discipline, and physicality required to compete in MMA. On the other hand, some perceive professional wrestling as more focused on entertainment and showmanship rather than pure athleticism.

While wrestling does require athleticism, the scripted nature of the matches and the predetermined outcomes can undermine the perception of the athletes’ true abilities in the eyes of MMA fans.

3. Violence vs. Entertainment

MMA fans are drawn to the sport because of its intense and sometimes brutal nature. They appreciate the raw and unfiltered violence that can occur during a fight. In contrast, professional wrestling is often seen as more of a form of entertainment, with scripted storylines and predetermined outcomes.

Some MMA fans may find the theatricality and choreography of wrestling matches to be a stark contrast to the visceral and authentic nature of MMA, leading to a dislike or disinterest in wrestling.

4. Lack of Skill

MMA fans often view their sport as the ultimate test of skill, combining various martial arts disciplines and techniques. Some may argue that professional wrestling lacks the technical proficiency and skill level seen in MMA.

While wrestling requires its own set of skills, such as acting, storytelling, and executing moves safely, some MMA fans may not appreciate or understand the nuances of these skills, leading to a perception of wrestling as inferior in terms of skill.

why do mma fans hate wrestling

5. Perception of Fakeness

Professional wrestling’s scripted nature and predetermined outcomes can create a perception of fakeness among some MMA fans. They may view the exaggerated moves and storylines as contrived and lacking authenticity.

Additionally, instances of wrestlers breaking character or “blading” (intentionally cutting themselves to draw blood) to enhance the drama can further reinforce the perception of fakeness, leading to a negative view of wrestling among MMA fans.

6. Cultural Differences

MMA and professional wrestling have different origins and cultural contexts. MMA has its roots in various martial arts disciplines and combat sports, while professional wrestling has a history rooted in theatrical performances and carnival shows.

Some MMA fans may have a preference for the authenticity and cultural significance of their sport, leading to a dislike or disinterest in professional wrestling and its perceived lack of cultural depth.


While not all MMA fans dislike professional wrestling, there are several reasons why some do. The perceived lack of authenticity, athleticism, and skill, as well as the contrasting focus on entertainment rather than pure combat, contribute to the divide between the two fan bases. Understanding these factors can help shed light on the reasons behind the dislike some MMA fans have for professional wrestling.

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