who won the boxing match between crawford and porter

The Boxing Match between Crawford and Porter: A Detailed Analysis

On the highly anticipated night of the boxing match between Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter, fans around the world held their breath in anticipation. Both fighters, known for their exceptional skills and determination, entered the ring with the goal of emerging victorious. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the match to determine who ultimately won.

1. Skill and Technique

When it comes to skill and technique, both Crawford and Porter showcased their expertise throughout the fight. Crawford, known for his precise footwork and impeccable timing, displayed his ability to land accurate punches while avoiding Porter’s aggressive attacks. Porter, on the other hand, demonstrated his relentless pressure and ability to close the distance, making it challenging for Crawford to find openings. It was a close battle in terms of skill, with both fighters leaving no stone unturned.

2. Stamina and Endurance

who won the boxing match between crawford and porter

Stamina and endurance play a crucial role in determining the winner of a boxing match. Throughout the fight, both Crawford and Porter exhibited remarkable stamina, refusing to back down or show signs of fatigue. They traded blows relentlessly, pushing each other to their limits. However, as the match progressed into the later rounds, Crawford’s superior conditioning became evident. He maintained his energy levels and continued to deliver powerful punches, while Porter appeared to slow down slightly.

3. Punch Accuracy

Punch accuracy is a vital factor in boxing, as landing clean shots can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Crawford’s exceptional accuracy was on full display during the fight. He consistently found his target, delivering precise punches that left Porter vulnerable. On the other hand, while Porter unleashed a barrage of punches, some of them failed to connect with their intended target. Crawford’s superior punch accuracy gave him an advantage in this aspect of the match.

4. Defense

In boxing, defense is as crucial as offense. Both fighters showcased their defensive skills, making it difficult for their opponent to land clean shots. Crawford’s defensive maneuvers, including his slick head movement and ability to slip punches, proved effective in neutralizing Porter’s aggressive style. Porter, known for his ability to bob and weave, also had moments of success in evading Crawford’s punches. However, Crawford’s overall defensive strategy and execution were more effective, giving him an edge in this category.

5. Knockdowns and Power Shots

Knockdowns and power shots can have a significant impact on the outcome of a boxing match. While neither Crawford nor Porter managed to secure a knockdown, Crawford’s power shots were more impactful. He landed several clean, powerful punches that visibly shook Porter. Though Porter showcased his resilience by absorbing these shots and continuing to fight, Crawford’s power shots gave him an advantage in terms of inflicting damage.

6. Ring Control

Ring control refers to a fighter’s ability to dictate the pace and location of the fight. Crawford displayed superior ring control throughout the match. He effectively utilized his footwork to cut off the ring and control the distance, forcing Porter into unfavorable positions. Crawford’s ability to control the ring allowed him to dictate the pace of the fight and execute his game plan more effectively.

7. Judges’ Scorecards

Ultimately, the winner of a boxing match is determined by the judges’ scorecards. While this article cannot provide real-time updates on the match’s outcome, it is important to consider the judges’ perspective. Their assessment of each fighter’s performance, based on various criteria, will ultimately decide the winner.


In conclusion, the boxing match between Crawford and Porter was a closely contested battle, with both fighters showcasing their skills and determination. While the final result may vary depending on the judges’ scorecards, Crawford’s superior skill, accuracy, stamina, defense, power shots, and ring control give him an edge in terms of emerging as the winner. However, the true outcome of the match can only be determined by the official decision of the judges.

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