who won the mayweather paul boxing match

who won the mayweather paul boxing match

The Mayweather-Paul boxing match, held on June 6, 2021, was a highly anticipated exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr., a legendary professional boxer, and Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber turned amateur boxer. The event attracted a considerable amount of attention and speculation, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of the match. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the fight to determine who emerged as the winner.

Physical Attributes and Experience

Mayweather, known for his exceptional boxing skills, possesses a wealth of experience in the ring. With an undefeated professional record of 50-0, he boasts incredible speed, agility, and defensive prowess. On the other hand, Paul, despite his limited boxing experience, possesses a significant height and weight advantage over Mayweather. This physical discrepancy created an intriguing dynamic leading up to the fight.

Strategy and Approach

Mayweather, known for his defensive style, typically relies on his exceptional reflexes and counterpunching abilities to outmaneuver opponents. His strategy often involves maintaining distance and frustrating opponents with his elusive movements. Paul, however, aimed to utilize his size advantage by adopting an aggressive approach, hoping to overpower Mayweather and land significant punches.

Round-by-Round Analysis

The fight consisted of eight rounds, each lasting three minutes. Throughout the match, Mayweather showcased his defensive skills, slipping and dodging most of Paul’s punches. While Paul managed to land a few shots, Mayweather’s superior technique and ring generalship allowed him to control the pace and dictate the flow of the fight.

Scoring Criteria

Unlike professional boxing matches, this exhibition bout did not have official judges or a declared winner. Therefore, the outcome of the fight was not determined by a traditional scoring system. Instead, the match was intended for entertainment purposes, and both fighters were expected to showcase their skills without a formal decision being rendered.

Impact of the Fight

The Mayweather-Paul boxing match generated significant media attention and sparked debates among boxing enthusiasts. Some argued that Mayweather’s dominance and technical superiority made him the clear winner, while others believed that Paul’s ability to withstand Mayweather’s attacks and survive the entire fight was commendable.

who won the mayweather paul boxing match

Financial Considerations

Both Mayweather and Paul earned substantial sums of money from the fight. Mayweather, being one of the highest-paid athletes in history, reportedly received a guaranteed purse and a percentage of the pay-per-view revenue. Similarly, Paul, known for his entrepreneurial ventures, capitalized on the event’s popularity to generate significant income.


While the Mayweather-Paul boxing match did not have an official winner, Mayweather’s technical skills, experience, and control throughout the fight positioned him as the de facto winner in the eyes of many. However, the event’s primary objective was to entertain and generate interest, which it undeniably achieved. Regardless of the outcome, the fight served as a unique spectacle that captivated audiences worldwide.

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