who won the canelo fight highlights

The Canelo Fight Highlights: Who Won?

On May 8, 2021, the highly anticipated fight between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders took place at the AT&T Stadium in Texas. The two boxers were competing for the WBC, WBA, and Ring Magazine super-middleweight titles. The fight was a thrilling one, with both boxers displaying their skills and determination. In the end, Canelo emerged as the winner, and here are the highlights of the fight:

The Build-Up to the Fight

The build-up to the fight was intense, with both boxers engaging in trash talk and mind games. Saunders, in particular, was known for his antics outside the ring, including taunting Canelo during the weigh-in. However, Canelo remained focused and determined, and he was ready to let his fists do the talking.

who won the canelo fight highlights

The Fight Begins

The fight began with both boxers feeling each other out. Saunders was using his footwork to avoid Canelo’s power punches, while Canelo was trying to find openings in Saunders’ defense. However, as the rounds progressed, Canelo began to take control of the fight, landing powerful punches to Saunders’ head and body.

Canelo’s Power Punches

Canelo’s power punches were a highlight of the fight. He landed several devastating blows to Saunders’ face and body, causing him to wince in pain. Saunders tried to fight back, but he was unable to match Canelo’s power and precision.

Saunders’ Injury

In the eighth round, Saunders suffered a serious injury to his eye. Canelo landed a powerful uppercut that caused Saunders’ eye to swell shut. The referee stopped the fight, declaring Canelo the winner by TKO.

Canelo’s Celebrations

Canelo’s celebrations were a sight to behold. He was ecstatic about his victory, and he celebrated with his team and fans. He thanked Saunders for the fight, saying that he was a tough opponent. He also expressed his desire to unify the super-middleweight division.

The Aftermath of the Fight

The aftermath of the fight saw Canelo hailed as a boxing legend. He had defeated Saunders, who was considered one of the best boxers in the world. Canelo’s victory also cemented his status as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Saunders, on the other hand, was left to deal with his injury and the disappointment of losing the fight.


The Canelo fight highlights were a testament to the skill and determination of both boxers. Canelo emerged as the winner, but Saunders put up a good fight. The fight was a reminder of why boxing is such a popular sport, with its mix of athleticism, strategy, and drama.

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