who won the mcgregor mayweather boxing match

The McGregor Mayweather boxing match, also known as “The Money Fight,” was a highly anticipated event that took place on August 26, 2017. The fight pitted Conor McGregor, a mixed martial artist, against Floyd Mayweather Jr., an undefeated professional boxer. The match generated significant hype and debate, with fans and experts speculating about the outcome. In this article, we will examine who ultimately won the McGregor Mayweather boxing match, considering various aspects of the fight.

Physical Attributes and Experience

One crucial factor in determining the winner of the McGregor Mayweather boxing match was the fighters’ physical attributes and experience. McGregor, known for his explosive power and unorthodox fighting style in mixed martial arts, had never competed in a professional boxing match before. Mayweather, on the other hand, was a seasoned boxer with an undefeated record. His defensive skills, speed, and accuracy were highly regarded. These factors gave Mayweather a significant advantage in the match.

Technical Skills

When analyzing the fight, it is essential to consider the technical skills displayed by both fighters. While McGregor showcased his striking ability and aggression, Mayweather’s boxing skills were on full display. His precise punches, footwork, and defensive maneuvers allowed him to control the fight. McGregor’s lack of experience in professional boxing became evident as the match progressed, as he struggled to adapt to Mayweather’s technical prowess.

Strategy and Game Plan

Another crucial aspect that determined the winner was the fighters’ strategies and game plans. McGregor entered the fight with an aggressive approach, aiming to land a knockout punch early on. Mayweather, known for his defensive style, employed a more patient strategy. He allowed McGregor to tire himself out in the early rounds, capitalizing on his opponent’s inexperience. Mayweather’s game plan proved successful, as McGregor visibly fatigued in the later rounds, allowing Mayweather to dominate.

who won the mcgregor mayweather boxing match

Endurance and Stamina

Endurance and stamina played a significant role in the outcome of the McGregor Mayweather boxing match. McGregor, accustomed to shorter mixed martial arts fights, struggled to maintain his energy throughout the 12-round bout. Mayweather, a seasoned boxer accustomed to longer fights, showcased his superior endurance. As the match progressed, McGregor’s fatigue became apparent, ultimately affecting his performance and giving Mayweather an advantage.

Judges’ Decision

While the McGregor Mayweather match did not go the distance, with Mayweather winning by technical knockout in the 10th round, it is essential to mention the judges’ decision. The three judges scored the fight in favor of Mayweather, reflecting his dominance throughout the match. Their decision was based on the fighters’ performance, technique, and overall control of the bout.

Financial Gain

Although the focus of this article is on the actual winner of the boxing match, it is worth mentioning the financial gain both fighters experienced. The McGregor Mayweather fight was one of the most lucrative boxing events in history. Mayweather, known for his business acumen, negotiated a significant share of the revenue. While McGregor did not win the match, he still earned a substantial payday, solidifying his position as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Legacy and Impact

Lastly, the McGregor Mayweather fight had a lasting impact on both fighters’ legacies. Mayweather, already considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, solidified his position with another victory. McGregor, despite the loss, gained respect for his willingness to step into the boxing ring against such a formidable opponent. The fight also sparked discussions about the crossover between mixed martial arts and boxing, paving the way for future crossover events.


In conclusion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the McGregor Mayweather boxing match. His experience, technical skills, endurance, and strategic approach proved to be superior to Conor McGregor’s efforts. While McGregor displayed determination and aggression, Mayweather’s boxing expertise ultimately led to his victory. The fight’s outcome, combined with the financial gain and impact on both fighters’ legacies, solidifies Mayweather’s position as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

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