who won the floyd mayweather vs logan paul boxing match

The highly anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul took place on [date]. The event attracted a massive audience, with fans eagerly waiting to see who would emerge as the winner. In this article, we will analyze and discuss the outcome of the fight from various perspectives.

Physical Attributes and Experience

Mayweather, a professional boxer with an undefeated record, has an extensive background in the sport. He possesses exceptional speed, agility, and defensive skills. On the other hand, Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber, has limited boxing experience but boasts a significant height and weight advantage over Mayweather. These physical attributes created an intriguing matchup.

Mayweather’s Strategy

Mayweather entered the ring with a clear strategy: to use his superior boxing skills to outmaneuver and outscore Paul. He relied on his defensive prowess, quick jabs, and counterpunching abilities to control the fight. Mayweather aimed to tire out his opponent and capitalize on any openings for scoring points.

Paul’s Strategy

Logan Paul’s strategy revolved around utilizing his size advantage. He aimed to overpower Mayweather with his strength and land powerful punches. Paul intended to keep the pressure on Mayweather throughout the fight, hoping to land a decisive blow that could potentially knock out his opponent.

The Fight

The fight consisted of several rounds of intense action. Mayweather showcased his defensive skills, slipping and dodging most of Paul’s punches. He effectively countered with quick jabs and hooks, scoring points throughout the match. Paul, despite his limited experience, displayed resilience and managed to land a few significant punches.

Judging Criteria

who won the floyd mayweather vs logan paul boxing match

In professional boxing matches, the winner is determined based on the judges’ scoring. The criteria include effective aggression, ring generalship, defense, and clean punching. Each round is scored, and the fighter with the highest total score is declared the winner.

Outcome and Decision

After the completion of all the rounds, the judges’ decision was announced. Despite Logan Paul’s commendable performance, Floyd Mayweather emerged as the winner. Mayweather’s superior boxing skills, ring generalship, and effective defense contributed to his victory.

Reactions and Controversies

The outcome of the fight sparked various reactions and controversies. Some fans believed that Mayweather’s victory was expected, given his extensive experience and unbeaten record. However, others argued that the fight was rigged or that Logan Paul deserved more credit for lasting the entire match against a boxing legend.

Impact on Mayweather’s Legacy

Mayweather’s win against Logan Paul added another victory to his already impressive record. It showcased his ability to adapt to different opponents and maintain his dominance in the sport. This victory further solidified Mayweather’s legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Impact on Logan Paul’s Career

Despite the loss, Logan Paul’s performance in the fight garnered him respect from both fans and critics. His willingness to step into the ring with a professional boxer and endure the entire match showcased his determination and bravery. This experience may open doors for future opportunities in the boxing world for Paul.


In conclusion, Floyd Mayweather emerged as the winner in the boxing match against Logan Paul. Mayweather’s superior skills, experience, and strategic approach played a significant role in securing his victory. The fight generated mixed reactions and controversies, but it undeniably showcased the determination and resilience of both fighters.

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