how do you type with boxing gloves on

how do you type with boxing gloves on

Typing with boxing gloves on can be a challenging task. The bulky nature of the gloves makes it difficult to press individual keys accurately. In this article, we will explore various techniques and strategies to overcome this obstacle and type efficiently with boxing gloves on.

1. Choosing the Right Gloves

When typing with boxing gloves, it is crucial to select gloves that provide a good grip and allow some flexibility in finger movement. Look for gloves with textured surfaces and adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

how do you type with boxing gloves on

Additionally, consider the size and weight of the gloves. Bulky gloves may hinder finger dexterity, while lighter gloves might offer more control. Experiment with different gloves to find the most suitable pair for typing.

2. Positioning and Adjusting the Keyboard

Proper positioning and adjustment of the keyboard are essential for comfortable typing with boxing gloves. Place the keyboard at a comfortable height and angle to reduce strain on your wrists and arms.

Consider using a wrist rest to support your hands and maintain a natural typing position. Adjust the keyboard’s tilt, if possible, to find the most comfortable angle for typing with gloves on.

3. Mastering the Typing Technique

Typing with boxing gloves requires a modified technique to compensate for the lack of precision and tactile feedback. Here are some tips to master the typing technique:

a. Use the flat part of the gloves’ fingers to press the keys, rather than the tips. This provides a larger surface area for hitting the keys accurately.

b. Apply steady pressure while typing to ensure the keys are pressed firmly. Avoid hitting the keys too hard, as it may cause errors or discomfort.

c. Slow down your typing speed initially to build accuracy and muscle memory. With practice, you can gradually increase your speed.

4. Using Voice Recognition Software

If typing with boxing gloves proves to be too challenging, consider using voice recognition software. These programs allow you to dictate your text, which is then converted into written form.

Voice recognition software eliminates the need for physical typing and can be a useful alternative for individuals who struggle with typing accuracy while wearing gloves.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts and macros can significantly enhance typing efficiency when wearing boxing gloves. Customize your keyboard settings to assign frequently used phrases or commands to specific keys.

By using shortcuts and macros, you can reduce the number of keystrokes required and minimize the time spent typing with gloves on.

6. Practice and Familiarize Yourself

Like any skill, typing with boxing gloves requires practice and familiarity. Set aside dedicated time to practice typing with gloves on regularly.

Engage in typing exercises and drills to improve accuracy and speed. Over time, your muscle memory will develop, and typing with gloves on will become more natural and effortless.


Typing with boxing gloves on may seem like a daunting task, but with the right techniques and practice, it can be mastered. By choosing the right gloves, adjusting the keyboard, and employing modified typing techniques, you can improve your accuracy and efficiency while wearing gloves. Additionally, exploring alternative methods such as voice recognition software and utilizing shortcuts can further enhance your typing experience. So, put on those gloves, practice diligently, and soon you’ll be typing like a pro!

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