where to find boxing gloved in blackoiut

Boxing gloves are essential equipment for anyone practicing the sport of boxing. They provide protection to the hands and wrists, reducing the risk of injury during training or matches. Finding boxing gloves in the popular game “Blackout” can be challenging, but with the right strategies and knowledge, it is possible to obtain them. In this article, we will explore various ways to find boxing gloves in Blackout.

1. Loot Locations

where to find boxing gloved in blackoiut

One way to find boxing gloves in Blackout is by looting specific locations on the map. Look for high-tier loot areas such as supply drops, military bases, or large buildings. These locations often have a higher chance of containing boxing gloves. Explore thoroughly and check every loot crate or box to increase your chances of finding them.

2. Supply Drops

Supply drops are a great source of rare and high-tier loot in Blackout. They are marked on the map and can be found during the match. Keep an eye out for supply drop indicators and make your way towards them. Once you reach a supply drop, open it to see if it contains boxing gloves. However, be cautious as other players may also be drawn to these drops.

3. Killing Enemies

Eliminating enemies in Blackout can be a rewarding way to find boxing gloves. When you defeat an opponent, they may drop their loot, including boxing gloves if they had them. Be aggressive in combat and try to secure kills to increase your chances of obtaining boxing gloves from fallen enemies.

4. Trading with Teammates

If you are playing in a squad or duo mode, consider trading with your teammates. If one of your teammates finds boxing gloves, they can trade them with you if they prefer another weapon or item. Communication and teamwork are key in maximizing your chances of finding boxing gloves in Blackout.

5. Black Market Vendors

Black Market Vendors, also known as Black Market Stashes, can be found in various locations on the map. These vendors offer a rotating selection of items, including boxing gloves. Keep an eye out for the Black Market Vendor icons on the map and visit them to see if they have boxing gloves available for purchase.

6. Events and Challenges

Participating in events and completing challenges in Blackout can reward you with unique items, including boxing gloves. Keep an eye on the in-game events and challenges menu and complete the required objectives to earn these rewards. Events and challenges provide an exciting and engaging way to obtain boxing gloves and other exclusive items.

7. Customization Items

Boxing gloves in Blackout can also be obtained through customization items. These items can be unlocked by leveling up your character or completing specific objectives. Check the customization menu and see if there are any boxing gloves available as rewards for your progress. Customize your character and equip the boxing gloves to enhance your in-game appearance and performance.


Finding boxing gloves in Blackout can be a thrilling experience. By exploring loot locations, supply drops, defeating enemies, trading with teammates, visiting Black Market Vendors, participating in events, and unlocking customization items, you can increase your chances of obtaining boxing gloves. Remember to stay vigilant, communicate with your teammates, and make the most out of the available resources to enhance your boxing experience in Blackout.

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