which hits harder mma or boxing gloves

Combat sports such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and boxing have gained immense popularity over the years. One question that often arises among enthusiasts is: which hits harder, MMA or boxing gloves? In this article, we will explore this topic from various perspectives, considering factors such as glove design, hand wrapping techniques, striking techniques, impact force, and injury rates.

which hits harder mma or boxing gloves

Glove Design

MMA gloves are generally fingerless and have less padding compared to boxing gloves. The design of MMA gloves allows for greater dexterity and grappling maneuvers. On the other hand, boxing gloves are heavily padded, designed to protect the hand and distribute the impact over a larger surface area. The increased padding in boxing gloves may reduce the force of each individual strike.

Hand Wrapping Techniques

Hand wrapping is an essential part of both MMA and boxing. In MMA, hand wraps are typically thinner and focus more on wrist support. This allows for increased flexibility and quicker transitions between striking and grappling. In boxing, hand wraps are thicker and provide more protection to the knuckles and wrists. The extra padding may reduce the impact of punches in boxing.

Striking Techniques

MMA incorporates a wide range of striking techniques from various martial arts disciplines, including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. The diversity of strikes in MMA can make it difficult to compare the impact of each individual strike. Boxing, on the other hand, primarily focuses on punches. The repetitive and precise nature of boxing punches may allow for more powerful strikes.

Impact Force

The impact force in MMA and boxing depends on various factors, such as the weight and strength of the fighter, technique, and velocity of the strikes. It is challenging to determine which sport delivers harder hits overall, as both MMA and boxing have their fair share of devastating knockouts. However, due to the larger surface area of boxing gloves, the force of impact may be distributed more evenly, potentially reducing the risk of severe injuries.

Injury Rates

While both sports carry inherent risks, the injury rates may vary. MMA involves a wider range of techniques and allows for strikes to different parts of the body, which can increase the likelihood of injuries. Boxing, with its focus on punches, may lead to a higher occurrence of head injuries, such as concussions. However, it is important to note that injury rates can vary greatly depending on individual fighters, training methods, and protective measures taken.

Training and Conditioning

The impact of strikes in both MMA and boxing is also influenced by the training and conditioning of the fighters. Proper training techniques, including strength and conditioning exercises, can significantly enhance the power of strikes. Both sports require athletes to develop their striking skills through rigorous training programs, making it difficult to determine which sport hits harder solely based on the training aspect.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the perception of which sport hits harder can be subjective and may vary from person to person. Some may argue that the diversity of strikes in MMA makes it more unpredictable and potentially more powerful. Others may believe that the repetitive and refined punches in boxing deliver harder hits. Personal preference and individual experiences can greatly influence one’s perception of which sport hits harder.


When comparing the impact of strikes in MMA and boxing, it is important to consider factors such as glove design, hand wrapping techniques, striking techniques, impact force, injury rates, training, and personal preference. Both sports have their unique characteristics and offer their own challenges. Ultimately, the question of which hits harder, MMA or boxing gloves, may not have a definitive answer and is subject to interpretation.

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