which is better for kickboxing boxing gloves or mma gloves

which is better for kickboxing boxing gloves or mma gloves

When it comes to combat sports like kickboxing, the choice of gloves plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, performance, and overall satisfaction. Two popular options are boxing gloves and MMA gloves. While both serve the purpose of protecting the hands, they differ in design, padding, and usage. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of boxing gloves and MMA gloves to determine which is better for kickboxing.

Padding and Protection

One key aspect to consider when comparing boxing gloves and MMA gloves is the level of padding and protection they provide. Boxing gloves generally have more padding, especially around the knuckles, which helps absorb impact and reduce the risk of hand injuries. MMA gloves, on the other hand, have less padding, allowing for more flexibility and maneuverability during grappling and ground fighting. However, this also means that MMA gloves offer less protection for the hands when it comes to striking.

Furthermore, boxing gloves often feature a thumb attachment that prevents accidental eye gouging or thumb injuries. This additional protection is absent in MMA gloves, making them less suitable for kickboxing where accidental eye pokes can occur.

Hand Movement and Dexterity

Another important factor to consider is the freedom of hand movement and dexterity offered by each type of glove. Boxing gloves are larger and bulkier, limiting the range of motion and making it more challenging to execute certain techniques. On the other hand, MMA gloves are smaller and more lightweight, allowing for greater hand movement and dexterity. This makes them ideal for grappling and clinching, but may hinder the execution of precise strikes.

which is better for kickboxing boxing gloves or mma gloves

It is worth noting that some kickboxers prefer the increased hand movement provided by MMA gloves, as it allows them to utilize a wider range of techniques and strikes. However, others may find the added stability and support of boxing gloves more beneficial for delivering powerful punches.

Usage and Versatility

The intended usage and versatility of the gloves also play a role in determining which is better for kickboxing. Boxing gloves are specifically designed for punching and striking, making them ideal for traditional boxing training and competitions. They offer better protection for the hands and wrists during intense striking sessions.

On the other hand, MMA gloves are designed to cater to a broader range of combat sports, including grappling, clinching, and striking. They are commonly used in mixed martial arts competitions where fighters engage in various fighting disciplines. MMA gloves allow for seamless transitions between striking and grappling, making them a versatile choice for kickboxers who incorporate different techniques into their training.

Regulations and Competition Requirements

Regulations and competition requirements also influence the choice between boxing gloves and MMA gloves. Different organizations and events may have specific rules regarding the type of gloves allowed. For example, traditional boxing matches typically require the use of boxing gloves, while certain kickboxing events may allow the use of either boxing gloves or MMA gloves.

It is crucial for kickboxers to familiarize themselves with the regulations of their specific competitions and choose gloves accordingly. Failure to comply with the rules may result in disqualification or penalties.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort and fit of the gloves are essential for kickboxers to perform at their best. Boxing gloves are generally more padded and offer a snug fit, providing additional comfort and stability during training or fights. The padding helps absorb impact, reducing the strain on the hands and wrists.

MMA gloves, on the other hand, are less padded and may have an open-finger design, which allows for more natural hand movement but may compromise comfort and stability. The fit of MMA gloves is typically tighter, ensuring a secure grip during grappling exchanges.


In conclusion, the choice between boxing gloves and MMA gloves for kickboxing depends on various factors such as padding, hand movement, intended usage, regulations, and personal preferences. Boxing gloves offer superior padding and protection for striking, while MMA gloves provide more hand movement and versatility for a wider range of techniques. Ultimately, kickboxers should consider their specific needs and the requirements of their competitions to make an informed decision.

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