who made the first boxer short underwear

The boxer short underwear is a popular type of men’s undergarment known for its loose and comfortable fit. It has become a staple in many men’s wardrobes, but have you ever wondered who made the first boxer short underwear? In this article, we will explore the origins of this iconic piece of clothing and the individuals who played a role in its creation.

who made the first boxer short underwear

1. Evolution of Men’s Underwear

Before the invention of boxer shorts, men’s underwear went through several iterations. Initially, men wore loincloths made from animal skins or fabric. Over time, loincloths evolved into breechcloths, which were worn by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks. Later, men started wearing drawers, which were similar to modern-day shorts but were longer in length.

2. The Need for a More Comfortable Undergarment

In the late 19th century, men’s fashion began to change, and there was a growing demand for more comfortable undergarments. The tight-fitting drawers of the time were restrictive and uncomfortable, leading to the need for a new type of underwear that offered more freedom of movement.

3. The Role of Jacob Golomb

Jacob Golomb, an immigrant from Ukraine, is often credited with making the first boxer shorts. In 1925, Golomb founded the Everlast Sportswear Company, which initially focused on producing swimwear and boxing gear. However, Golomb recognized the need for comfortable undergarments for boxers, leading to the creation of the first boxer shorts.

4. The Introduction of Boxer Shorts

In the 1920s, boxer shorts were introduced to the public as an alternative to the traditional tight-fitting underwear. They were named “boxer shorts” because they resembled the shorts worn by boxers in the ring. Boxer shorts featured a loose and relaxed fit, providing men with the comfort they desired.

5. Popularity and Adoption

Boxer shorts gained popularity quickly, and their adoption spread rapidly. Men appreciated the freedom of movement and comfort provided by this new style of underwear. Boxer shorts became a fashion statement and a symbol of relaxation and casualness.

6. Influence on Men’s Fashion

The introduction of boxer shorts had a significant impact on men’s fashion. It led to a shift away from the restrictive and formal undergarments of the past. Boxer shorts became a preferred choice for men of all ages, and their popularity continues to this day.

7. Evolution of Boxer Shorts

Over the years, boxer shorts have evolved in terms of design and fabric. Initially, they were made from cotton, but today, they are available in various materials such as silk, nylon, and microfiber. Additionally, boxer shorts now come in a wide range of colors and patterns, catering to different style preferences.

8. The Role of Advertising

Advertising played a crucial role in popularizing boxer shorts. Companies like Jockey and Calvin Klein launched successful marketing campaigns that emphasized the comfort and style of boxer shorts. These campaigns helped solidify boxer shorts as a staple in men’s underwear.


The first boxer shorts were created in the early 20th century by Jacob Golomb, the founder of Everlast Sportswear Company. Since then, boxer shorts have become a beloved and essential item in men’s wardrobes. Their evolution, popularity, and influence on men’s fashion make them a fascinating part of clothing history.

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