who was the ufc fighter wearing 1 boxing glove

who was the ufc fighter wearing 1 boxing glove

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is renowned for its fierce competition and skilled fighters. One intriguing incident that caught the attention of fans and spectators was a UFC fighter who wore only one boxing glove during a fight. This unusual choice sparked curiosity and speculation among viewers, prompting them to wonder about the reasons behind this decision and the fighter’s identity.

The Fighter’s Identity

The first question that arises is, who was the UFC fighter wearing one boxing glove? The answer to this question is crucial in understanding the motivation behind this unconventional choice. The fighter in question is Conor McGregor, a prominent figure in the world of MMA. McGregor is known for his flamboyant personality and unique style both inside and outside the octagon.

McGregor’s Style and Strategy

McGregor’s decision to wear one boxing glove is not as random as it may initially seem. The Irish fighter has a background in boxing and has often incorporated elements of the sport into his MMA fights. By wearing a single boxing glove, McGregor aimed to pay homage to his boxing roots while also showcasing his ability to adapt and innovate within the MMA arena.

Psychological Warfare

McGregor is renowned for his psychological warfare tactics, which he often employs to gain a mental advantage over his opponents. The choice to wear one boxing glove can be seen as a part of this strategy. By presenting himself as different and unpredictable, McGregor aimed to unsettle his opponent and disrupt their game plan.

Unconventional Tactics

Another aspect to consider is McGregor’s tendency to employ unorthodox techniques during his fights. By wearing one boxing glove, he aimed to surprise his opponent and create openings for his strikes. This unexpected move could catch his opponent off guard and give McGregor an advantage in the fight.

Symbolic Gesture

McGregor is known for his showmanship and flair. Wearing one boxing glove can be seen as a symbolic gesture, representing his belief in his own ability to dominate and conquer his opponents. It serves as a visual representation of his confidence and serves to intimidate his adversary.

Physical Advantage

Wearing only one boxing glove may also provide McGregor with a physical advantage in certain situations. By having one hand free, he can utilize his grappling skills more effectively, allowing him to control his opponent’s movements and execute takedowns or submissions.

Injury or Equipment Malfunction

While the above reasons highlight McGregor’s intentional choice, it is also possible that wearing one boxing glove was a result of an injury or equipment malfunction. Fighters often encounter unforeseen circumstances during matches, and this could have been one such instance for McGregor.

Post-Fight Explanation

After the fight, McGregor provided an explanation for his decision to wear one boxing glove. He stated that it was a tribute to his late grandfather, who had a habit of wearing only one glove during his boxing training. McGregor wanted to honor his grandfather’s memory and draw strength from his legacy.

who was the ufc fighter wearing 1 boxing glove


Conor McGregor’s choice to wear one boxing glove during a UFC fight was a deliberate and calculated decision. It served multiple purposes, including paying homage to his boxing background, employing psychological warfare, and showcasing his ability to adapt and innovate. While it may have initially perplexed viewers, McGregor’s choice ultimately added to his mystique and further solidified his status as a unique and captivating figure in the world of MMA.

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