why benzema hand wrap

Why Benzema Hand Wrap

There are several reasons why Benzema chooses to hand wrap before his matches. Hand wrapping is a common practice among professional boxers and martial artists, but it has also gained popularity among football players like Benzema. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why Benzema hand wraps and the benefits it provides.

Protection and Support

One of the primary reasons why Benzema hand wraps is to provide protection and support to his hands and wrists. Football involves a lot of physical contact, and players often use their hands to shield the ball or make tackles. Hand wrapping helps to stabilize the wrist joint and provides an extra layer of padding to absorb impact, reducing the risk of injuries such as sprains or fractures.

Additionally, hand wraps also protect the skin on the hands from abrasions and cuts. The tight fabric wrap acts as a barrier between the hands and any potential hazards on the field, such as rough surfaces or opponents’ cleats.

Improved Grip

Hand wrapping can significantly improve Benzema’s grip on the ball. The tight wrap compresses the muscles and tendons in the hand, reducing excessive movement and increasing control over the ball. This enhanced grip allows Benzema to have better ball handling skills, enabling him to dribble, pass, and shoot with precision.

Moreover, the hand wrap prevents excessive sweating, which can make the hands slippery. By absorbing sweat and maintaining a dry grip, Benzema can maintain better control of the ball, especially in wet or humid conditions.

Prevention of Joint Injuries

Another reason why Benzema hand wraps is to prevent joint injuries, particularly in the fingers. Football involves a lot of quick movements and sudden changes in direction, which can put stress on the finger joints. Hand wrapping provides additional support to the finger joints, reducing the risk of dislocations or ligament damage.

Additionally, the compression provided by hand wraps can help stabilize the thumb joint, which is particularly prone to injuries in football. By keeping the thumb in place, Benzema can avoid sprains or hyperextensions that could sideline him from playing.

Psychological Confidence

Hand wrapping can also provide Benzema with a psychological boost. The ritual of wrapping his hands before a match can help Benzema get into the right mindset and focus on the game. It serves as a reminder of the hard work and preparation he has put into his training, boosting his confidence and motivation on the field.

Furthermore, the physical presence of the hand wraps can serve as a visual cue for Benzema’s opponents. Seeing his wrapped hands can intimidate opponents and make them more cautious, giving Benzema a psychological advantage during the game.

Professional Norm

why benzema hand wrap

Hand wrapping has become a professional norm in football, especially among high-level players like Benzema. Many professional football clubs have sports medicine teams that recommend and provide hand wraps to their players. By following this norm, Benzema ensures that he is taking the necessary precautions and aligning with the best practices in the sport.

Moreover, hand wrapping is also a sign of professionalism and dedication to the game. It shows that Benzema is committed to taking care of his body and minimizing the risk of injuries, which ultimately benefits both himself and his team.


In conclusion, Benzema hand wraps for several reasons, including protection and support, improved grip, prevention of joint injuries, psychological confidence, and adherence to professional norms. Hand wrapping provides a range of benefits that help Benzema perform at his best and reduce the risk of injuries on the football field.

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