why benzema wrap hand

Why Benzema Wraps His Hand

There has been much speculation and curiosity surrounding the reason why Karim Benzema, the French footballer, often wraps his hand during matches. This article aims to explore the various aspects and reasons behind Benzema’s decision to wrap his hand.

why benzema wrap hand

Injury Prevention

One of the main reasons why Benzema wraps his hand is to prevent injuries. Football is a physical sport, and players often encounter situations where their hands can be accidentally stepped on or hit by opponents. By wrapping his hand, Benzema provides an extra layer of protection to minimize the risk of injury.

Moreover, wrapping his hand can also help stabilize any existing injuries. Benzema might have suffered a previous hand injury and wrapping it provides support and reduces the chances of aggravating the injury during the game.

Enhanced Grip

Another reason behind Benzema’s hand wrapping could be to enhance his grip on the ball. A secure grip is crucial for a striker like Benzema, as it allows him to control the ball better and execute accurate shots. Wrapping his hand might provide him with a better grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Psychological Advantage

Psychology plays a significant role in sports performance, and Benzema’s hand wrapping might also have a psychological advantage. By wrapping his hand, he creates an air of mystery and intrigue. Opponents might perceive his wrapped hand as a sign of strength or a secret weapon, which could intimidate them and give Benzema a psychological edge on the field.

Style and Fashion Statement

Benzema is known for his unique sense of style both on and off the field. Wrapping his hand could be a fashion statement for him. It adds an element of individuality to his appearance and sets him apart from other players. Additionally, the hand wrap might also be a way for Benzema to express his personal brand and create a distinct image for himself.

Team Strategy

Coaches and teams often develop specific strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Benzema’s hand wrapping might be a part of the team’s overall strategy. It could be a tactical decision to confuse the opponents or distract them from focusing on other players or aspects of the game.

Medical Advice

Benzema’s hand wrapping could be a result of medical advice. Football clubs usually have a team of medical professionals who assess the players’ health and provide recommendations for injury prevention. If Benzema has a history of hand injuries or a specific condition, the medical team might have advised him to wrap his hand as a precautionary measure.

Superstition or Ritual

Many athletes have superstitions or rituals that they follow before or during games. Benzema’s hand wrapping could be a part of his pre-game routine or a superstition that he believes brings him luck or positive energy. Such rituals can help athletes feel more focused and confident, leading to improved performance.

Marketing and Sponsorship

In the world of professional sports, athletes often have sponsorship deals with various brands. Benzema’s hand wrapping could be a strategic move to promote a specific brand or product. The wrap might feature a logo or design associated with a sponsor, providing exposure and visibility for that brand.


While the exact reason behind Benzema’s hand wrapping remains a mystery, it is likely a combination of factors. Injury prevention, enhanced grip, psychological advantage, style, team strategy, medical advice, superstition, and marketing could all play a role in his decision. Regardless of the reason, Benzema’s hand wrapping has become a recognizable feature of his playing style, adding to his unique persona on the football field.

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