why can’t i choose boxing glove sizes on walmart website

why can’t i choose boxing glove sizes on walmart website

Why Can’t I Choose Boxing Glove Sizes on Walmart Website?

When shopping for boxing gloves on the Walmart website, you may have noticed that there is no option to choose different sizes. This can be frustrating for customers who are looking for a specific fit. In this article, we will explore several reasons why Walmart may not offer the option to choose boxing glove sizes on their website.

Limited Inventory

One possible reason for the lack of size options on the Walmart website is limited inventory. Walmart may only stock a certain number of boxing gloves in a specific size, and therefore, may not be able to offer a wide range of sizes online. This could be due to space constraints in their warehouses or limitations from their suppliers.

Additionally, boxing gloves come in various sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and weights. It is possible that Walmart chooses to stock only the most common sizes to cater to a larger customer base.

Online Shopping Limitations

Another reason why you may not be able to choose boxing glove sizes on the Walmart website is the limitations of online shopping. Unlike physical stores, online retailers may not have the resources to display and manage a wide range of sizes for every product. This could be due to the complexity of inventory management or the cost of storing and shipping various sizes.

Furthermore, boxing gloves require a proper fit for optimal performance and protection. Without the ability to try on gloves before purchasing, customers may be more likely to return ill-fitting gloves, resulting in additional costs for Walmart.

Supply and Demand

The availability of different boxing glove sizes may also be influenced by supply and demand factors. If certain sizes are in high demand, Walmart may choose to prioritize stocking those sizes in their physical stores rather than online. This could be due to market trends or customer preferences in specific regions.

Additionally, boxing gloves may have seasonal demand fluctuations. For example, certain sizes may be more popular during the holiday season or when boxing events are taking place. Walmart may adjust their inventory accordingly to meet these demands.

Focus on In-Store Experience

Walmart may prioritize the in-store shopping experience over the online shopping experience. By offering a limited selection of boxing glove sizes online, they may encourage customers to visit their physical stores, where they can try on gloves and receive assistance from knowledgeable staff.

why can't i choose boxing glove sizes on walmart website

In-store shopping allows customers to have a hands-on experience and ensures a proper fit. This strategy could also help Walmart drive foot traffic to their stores and potentially increase sales of other related products.

Manufacturer Restrictions

Manufacturers of boxing gloves may have restrictions on how their products are sold online. They may require retailers like Walmart to only offer certain sizes in-store or through authorized distributors. This could be due to quality control concerns or to protect the brand’s reputation.

By adhering to these restrictions, Walmart ensures that customers receive genuine products and maintains positive relationships with manufacturers.


While the inability to choose boxing glove sizes on the Walmart website may be frustrating, there are several reasons why this option may not be available. Limited inventory, online shopping limitations, supply and demand factors, a focus on in-store experience, and manufacturer restrictions are all possible explanations. Understanding these factors can help customers make informed decisions and explore alternative purchasing options.

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