why cant you wear mma gloves for training

why cant you wear mma gloves for training

Why can’t you wear MMA gloves for training?

When it comes to training in combat sports, such as boxing or Muay Thai, it is essential to use the right equipment to ensure safety and maximize performance. While MMA gloves are designed specifically for mixed martial arts competitions, they may not be suitable for training purposes. In this article, we will explore several reasons why you should avoid wearing MMA gloves for training.

Lack of Padding

MMA gloves typically have less padding compared to boxing gloves. This lack of padding can increase the risk of hand injuries during training. When hitting pads or heavy bags, the impact forces can be absorbed better with the additional padding provided by boxing gloves. Without adequate padding, the risk of sprains, fractures, and other hand injuries significantly increases.

Furthermore, the reduced padding in MMA gloves can also lead to more severe injuries for training partners. During sparring sessions, accidental strikes can occur, and the minimal padding in MMA gloves increases the chances of causing cuts, bruises, or even concussions.

Insufficient Wrist Support

Another drawback of using MMA gloves for training is the lack of wrist support. Boxing gloves are specifically designed to provide stability and support to the wrists, reducing the risk of sprains or other wrist injuries. The wider and more secure wrist straps on boxing gloves help keep the wrists aligned and minimize the chances of hyperextension during punches.

On the other hand, MMA gloves have thinner and less secure straps, which do not offer the same level of support. Without proper wrist support, repetitive punching movements during training can strain the wrists and increase the likelihood of long-term injuries.

Less Hand Protection

While MMA gloves allow for better dexterity and grappling movements, they provide less overall hand protection compared to boxing gloves. The open-finger design of MMA gloves leaves the knuckles exposed, making them more vulnerable to injuries during training. This is particularly important when practicing striking techniques on hard surfaces like heavy bags or focus mitts.

why cant you wear mma gloves for training

Boxing gloves, with their full hand coverage, distribute the impact forces more evenly across the hand, reducing the risk of specific injuries like boxer’s fractures. The additional padding on the knuckles and back of the hand provides extra protection, allowing for more intense training sessions without compromising safety.

Limitations in Training Variety

MMA gloves are primarily designed for mixed martial arts competitions, where a wide range of techniques, including striking and grappling, are involved. However, when it comes to dedicated training in specific disciplines like boxing or Muay Thai, the limitations of MMA gloves become apparent.

For instance, the smaller size and finger openings of MMA gloves make it challenging to practice clinching, blocking, or parrying techniques that are essential in boxing. The lack of thumb padding in MMA gloves can also make it uncomfortable and risky to perform certain punches, such as the hook, which requires proper thumb alignment.

Hygiene Concerns

Training in MMA gloves can also raise hygiene concerns. MMA gloves are often used in contact sports, where sweat and bacteria can accumulate over time. The open-finger design makes it difficult to clean the gloves thoroughly, increasing the risk of infections or skin irritations.

Boxing gloves, with their full hand coverage and removable linings, allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. The ability to air out the gloves after each training session helps prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria, promoting better hygiene during training.


While MMA gloves are suitable for mixed martial arts competitions, they may not be the best choice for training purposes in other combat sports. The lack of padding, insufficient wrist support, limited hand protection, and hygiene concerns make boxing gloves a safer and more practical option for training. It is important to prioritize safety and choose the appropriate equipment for each specific training discipline to minimize the risk of injuries and maximize performance.

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