why do mcgregors boxing shorts look weird

why do mcgregors boxing shorts look weird

Conor McGregor, the renowned mixed martial artist, has often been seen wearing unique and eye-catching boxing shorts during his fights. These shorts have raised eyebrows and led to speculation about their unusual design. In this article, we will explore various aspects that contribute to McGregor’s distinctive boxing shorts and discuss possible reasons for their unconventional appearance.

1. Personal Branding

One possible reason for McGregor’s unusual boxing shorts is his desire for personal branding. McGregor is known for his flamboyant personality and extravagant style, and his choice of distinctive attire helps him stand out from other fighters. By wearing eye-catching shorts, McGregor ensures that he remains in the spotlight and creates a lasting visual impact on the audience.

2. Sponsorship and Endorsements

Another factor that influences the design of McGregor’s boxing shorts is sponsorship and endorsements. McGregor is a highly marketable athlete, and companies are eager to associate themselves with his brand. The unique design of his shorts provides ample space for sponsors to display their logos and promote their products. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows McGregor to secure lucrative sponsorship deals while providing exposure to the sponsoring companies.

3. Cultural References

McGregor’s boxing shorts often incorporate cultural references, reflecting his Irish heritage. The design may feature symbols, colors, or patterns that represent Ireland or Irish culture. McGregor takes pride in his roots and uses his attire to pay homage to his background, creating a connection with his fans and showcasing his national identity.

4. Psychological Warfare

McGregor is known for his psychological warfare tactics, attempting to get into his opponent’s head before a fight. The unusual design of his boxing shorts could be a deliberate strategy to distract or unsettle his opponents. By wearing something unexpected and attention-grabbing, McGregor aims to gain a mental advantage over his adversaries, making them question his intentions and tactics.

5. Fashion Statement

McGregor has always been a trendsetter in the world of combat sports. His unique style extends beyond the ring and into his fashion choices. McGregor’s unconventional boxing shorts can be seen as a fashion statement, reflecting his personal taste and desire to push boundaries. By wearing distinctive attire, McGregor sets himself apart from traditional boxing norms and establishes himself as a fashion-forward athlete.

6. Enhanced Visibility

During fights, it is crucial for fighters to be easily identifiable to both the audience and the judges. McGregor’s flashy boxing shorts with bold colors and designs enhance his visibility in the ring. This ensures that he stands out and is easily distinguishable, even in fast-paced and chaotic moments of the fight. Increased visibility can also help McGregor gain favor with judges, as his distinctive attire may leave a lasting impression on their minds.

7. Fan Engagement

McGregor’s unique boxing shorts serve as a way to engage with his fans. By wearing distinctive attire, he creates a visual spectacle that resonates with his supporters. Fans often look forward to seeing what McGregor will wear in each fight, and his unconventional shorts generate excitement and anticipation. This fan engagement helps McGregor maintain a strong connection with his audience and build a loyal fan base.

why do mcgregors boxing shorts look weird

8. Personal Expression

For McGregor, his boxing shorts are a form of personal expression. He uses his attire as a canvas to showcase his individuality and creativity. McGregor’s unconventional shorts allow him to express himself beyond his fighting skills, revealing his personality and artistic side. By wearing unique designs, he communicates his identity and leaves a lasting impression on both fans and opponents.


Conor McGregor’s distinctive boxing shorts are a result of various factors, including personal branding, sponsorship, cultural references, psychological warfare, fashion choices, enhanced visibility, fan engagement, and personal expression. These factors combine to create an iconic and memorable image for McGregor, further enhancing his status as one of the most recognizable and influential figures in combat sports.

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