why do people wear mouthguards while working out

When it comes to working out, people often focus on protecting their bodies from injury. However, many people forget about protecting their mouths. Mouthguards are a crucial piece of protective gear that athletes and fitness enthusiasts should wear while working out. In this article, we will explore the reasons why people wear mouthguards while working out.

Preventing Dental Injuries

One of the most common reasons why people wear mouthguards while working out is to prevent dental injuries. During high-impact activities like weightlifting, boxing, and martial arts, there is a risk of getting hit in the mouth. A mouthguard can help protect your teeth and gums from getting chipped, broken, or knocked out.

Furthermore, mouthguards can help prevent cuts and bruises on the inside of your mouth. These injuries can be painful and take a long time to heal, making it difficult to eat and speak.

Overall, wearing a mouthguard can help prevent costly and painful dental injuries that can impact your overall health and wellbeing.

Reducing the Risk of Concussions

In addition to dental injuries, mouthguards can also help reduce the risk of concussions. A concussion is a type of brain injury that can occur when the head is hit or jolted. While a mouthguard cannot prevent all concussions, it can help absorb some of the shock from a blow to the head.

Studies have shown that athletes who wear mouthguards are less likely to suffer from concussions than those who do not wear them. This is because the mouthguard can help reduce the force of impact and prevent the jaw from slamming shut, which can cause a concussion.

Improving Breathing

Another benefit of wearing a mouthguard while working out is that it can improve breathing. Mouthguards are designed to keep the airway open, which can help you breathe more easily during intense exercise.

When you exercise, your body requires more oxygen to fuel your muscles. If your airway is blocked or constricted, it can be difficult to get enough oxygen, which can lead to fatigue and decreased performance. A mouthguard can help keep your airway open, allowing you to breathe more deeply and efficiently.

Reducing Jaw Pain

Many people experience jaw pain or discomfort during or after exercise. This can be caused by clenching your teeth or grinding your jaw while lifting weights or doing other high-impact activities. Wearing a mouthguard can help reduce jaw pain by providing a cushion between your teeth and absorbing some of the shock from high-impact movements.

In addition, some mouthguards are designed to help align your jaw in a more comfortable position, which can also help reduce pain and discomfort.

Protecting Orthodontic Appliances

If you wear braces, a retainer, or other orthodontic appliances, wearing a mouthguard is especially important. These appliances can be damaged or dislodged during high-impact activities, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

A mouthguard can help protect your orthodontic appliances from damage, ensuring that your treatment stays on track and you don’t have to spend extra time and money at the orthodontist.


Overall, wearing a mouthguard while working out is a smart choice for anyone who wants to protect their teeth, reduce the risk of concussions, improve breathing, reduce jaw pain, and protect their orthodontic appliances. With so many benefits, it’s clear that a mouthguard is an essential piece of protective gear for any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

why do people wear mouthguards while working out

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