why does benzema wear a hand wrap

Why does Benzema wear a hand wrap? This question has intrigued many football fans and analysts alike. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind Benzema’s choice to wear a hand wrap during matches. From injury prevention to superstitions, there are several factors that contribute to this decision.

Injury Prevention

One of the primary reasons why Benzema wears a hand wrap is for injury prevention. Football is a physically demanding sport, and players are prone to injuries, especially in their hands. The hand wrap provides additional support and stability to the wrist and fingers, reducing the risk of sprains or fractures.

Benzema, being a key player for Real Madrid and the French national team, cannot afford to be sidelined due to hand injuries. By wearing a hand wrap, he minimizes the chances of such injuries and ensures his availability for important matches.

why does benzema wear a hand wrap

Enhanced Grip

Another benefit of wearing a hand wrap is the enhanced grip it provides. Football players often rely on their hands to control and manipulate the ball. The hand wrap adds an extra layer of grip, allowing Benzema to have better control over the ball and make precise passes or shots.

With the hand wrap, Benzema can confidently challenge opponents for aerial duels or hold off defenders while maintaining control of the ball. This improved grip can make a significant difference in his overall performance on the field.

Psychological Confidence

Wearing a hand wrap can also provide psychological confidence to Benzema. Athletes often have rituals or superstitions that they believe bring them luck or enhance their performance. For Benzema, the hand wrap might serve as a psychological anchor, giving him a sense of security and reassurance during matches.

By wearing the hand wrap, Benzema may feel more focused and mentally prepared, knowing that he has taken all possible precautions to prevent injuries and improve his grip. This confidence can positively impact his gameplay and contribute to his overall success on the field.

Style Statement

Benzema is known for his unique fashion sense and style off the field. The hand wrap could be seen as a style statement for him. Many football players use accessories or unique gear to express their individuality and personal branding.

The hand wrap adds an element of intrigue and distinctiveness to Benzema’s overall look on the field. It sets him apart from other players and adds to his persona as a stylish and confident footballer.

Medical Conditions

While there is no public information about any specific medical conditions that Benzema may have, it is not uncommon for athletes to wear hand wraps to manage certain conditions. Conditions like joint instability, ligament issues, or previous injuries might require additional support, which can be provided by a hand wrap.

Wearing a hand wrap can help Benzema manage any underlying hand or wrist issues, allowing him to perform at his best without exacerbating any existing conditions.

Team Tradition

Some players adopt certain practices or gear based on team traditions or superstitions. Real Madrid, the club Benzema represents, has a rich history and a set of traditions that players often embrace.

It is possible that wearing a hand wrap is a team tradition or a superstition followed by Benzema and other Real Madrid players. Such traditions can create a sense of unity and camaraderie within the team and contribute to their overall performance.


In conclusion, Benzema wears a hand wrap for various reasons. From injury prevention and enhanced grip to psychological confidence and style, there are several factors that contribute to this decision. Whether it is for practical reasons or personal beliefs, the hand wrap has become a recognizable part of Benzema’s on-field attire.

While we may never know the exact motivations behind his choice, it is clear that wearing a hand wrap plays a significant role in Benzema’s performance and overall presence on the football pitch.

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