why does benzema wear the hand wrap

Why does Benzema wear the hand wrap? This question has intrigued many football fans and analysts. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind Benzema’s choice to wear a hand wrap during matches. From injury prevention to superstition, there are several factors that contribute to this decision.

Injury Prevention

One of the primary reasons why Benzema wears a hand wrap is injury prevention. Football is a physically demanding sport, and players often face the risk of hand injuries. By wearing a hand wrap, Benzema adds an extra layer of protection to his hands, reducing the chances of fractures or sprains.

Furthermore, the hand wrap provides stability to the wrist and fingers, minimizing the risk of overextension or strain during intense gameplay. This preventive measure allows Benzema to maintain his performance and avoid potential setbacks caused by hand injuries.

Support and Compression

Another benefit of wearing a hand wrap is the support and compression it provides. The wrap tightly secures the hand and wrist, offering stability and reducing the risk of excessive movement. This support can be particularly helpful during physical challenges, such as aerial duels or tackles, where the hands are vulnerable to impact.

The compression aspect of the hand wrap also helps to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. This can aid in faster recovery from minor hand injuries or fatigue during matches, allowing Benzema to stay on top of his game for longer periods.

Psychological Comfort

Wearing a hand wrap can also provide psychological comfort to Benzema. Many athletes develop rituals or habits that make them feel more confident and focused during competitions. For Benzema, the hand wrap may serve as a psychological anchor, reminding him of his preparation and dedication to the sport.

Additionally, the physical presence of the hand wrap can give Benzema a sense of security and reassurance on the field. This mental boost can positively impact his performance, as he feels more in control and ready to take on challenges.

Style and Fashion

Beyond practical reasons, the hand wrap has also become a style statement for Benzema. Football players often use accessories or unique gear to express their individuality and personal style. Benzema’s choice to wear a hand wrap sets him apart from other players and adds a distinctive flair to his overall appearance on the field.

Furthermore, the hand wrap can also serve as a branding opportunity. Benzema’s choice of hand wrap may be sponsored by a specific sports brand, allowing him to promote their products and establish a connection with his fans.

Superstition and Rituals

Superstition and rituals play a significant role in the world of sports. Many athletes believe in certain routines or objects that bring them luck or positive energy. Benzema may wear the hand wrap as part of his personal ritual, attributing it to his success and performance on the field.

By following this ritual, Benzema creates a sense of familiarity and consistency, which can help him feel more comfortable and focused during matches. This psychological aspect of wearing a hand wrap based on superstition is not uncommon in the sporting world.

why does benzema wear the hand wrap


In conclusion, Benzema wears a hand wrap for various reasons. From injury prevention and support to psychological comfort and superstition, the hand wrap serves multiple purposes for the football player. Whether it is for practicality, style, or personal beliefs, the hand wrap has become an integral part of Benzema’s game and identity as a professional footballer.

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