why does cheryl porter use boxing gloves

why does cheryl porter use boxing gloves

Cheryl Porter, a renowned vocal coach, is known for her unique approach to teaching singing. One intriguing aspect of her teaching method is her use of boxing gloves during vocal training sessions. This unconventional technique has raised many questions and sparked curiosity among aspiring singers and vocal enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Cheryl Porter uses boxing gloves in her vocal coaching sessions.

Physical Warm-up

One possible reason for Cheryl Porter’s use of boxing gloves is to incorporate physical warm-up exercises into vocal training. Boxing gloves can be used to perform various movements and stretches that help to loosen up the body and prepare it for singing. These exercises can improve posture, increase body awareness, and enhance breath control, all of which are crucial for a powerful and controlled singing voice.

Emotional Release

Another reason for Cheryl Porter’s use of boxing gloves could be to provide an outlet for emotional release. Singing can be an incredibly emotional and vulnerable experience, and the use of boxing gloves allows singers to physically express their emotions. Punching or hitting a punching bag with the gloves on can provide a cathartic release of tension and stress, allowing singers to approach their vocal performances with a clearer and more focused mindset.

Building Confidence

The act of wearing boxing gloves can also help singers build confidence. By putting on the gloves, singers may feel a sense of empowerment and strength. This can translate into their vocal performances, as they approach their singing with a newfound confidence and assertiveness. Additionally, the physicality of wearing boxing gloves can create a mental association with strength and power, further enhancing the singer’s self-belief.

Creating Vocal Resistance

why does cheryl porter use boxing gloves

Boxing gloves can provide resistance during vocal exercises, which can be beneficial for strengthening the vocal muscles. The added weight and bulk of the gloves can make vocal exercises more challenging, requiring singers to engage their abdominal muscles and diaphragm more effectively. This resistance training can lead to improved vocal control, endurance, and overall vocal performance.

Enhancing Focus and Concentration

Wearing boxing gloves can also help singers improve their focus and concentration. The physical sensation of having gloves on their hands can serve as a reminder to stay present and focused during vocal training. It can prevent singers from becoming distracted or losing their concentration, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the vocal exercises and techniques being taught by Cheryl Porter.

Increasing Vocal Projection

Boxing gloves, with their padded exterior, can act as a tool to encourage singers to project their voice more effectively. By wearing the gloves, singers may instinctively use more force and energy while singing, resulting in a louder and more resonant sound. This can be particularly useful for singers who struggle with vocal projection and need assistance in developing a stronger and more powerful voice.

Improving Rhythm and Timing

Boxing gloves can also aid in improving a singer’s sense of rhythm and timing. The physical movements associated with boxing, such as punching and footwork, require coordination and precision. Incorporating these movements into vocal exercises can help singers develop a better sense of timing and rhythmic accuracy, enabling them to deliver their songs with impeccable timing and groove.

Adding a Fun and Unique Element

Finally, Cheryl Porter’s use of boxing gloves in vocal coaching sessions adds a fun and unique element to the learning experience. Singing is often seen as a serious and disciplined art form, and the inclusion of boxing gloves can inject an element of playfulness and excitement. This unconventional approach can make vocal training sessions more engaging and enjoyable for singers, encouraging them to embrace the process with enthusiasm and creativity.


Cheryl Porter’s use of boxing gloves in her vocal coaching sessions serves multiple purposes. From physical warm-up exercises to emotional release and confidence-building, the gloves provide a range of benefits for singers. They create resistance, enhance focus, improve vocal projection, and contribute to rhythm and timing. Additionally, the use of boxing gloves adds a fun and unique element to the learning process. Overall, Cheryl Porter’s unconventional approach with boxing gloves demonstrates her commitment to helping singers unlock their full vocal potential.

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