why does kanye wear mouthguards

Kanye West, the famous American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer, is known for his unique style and fashion choices. One of his most notable fashion accessories is his mouthguard, which he has been seen wearing on numerous occasions. Many people wonder why he wears a mouthguard, and there are several reasons for this.


One of the primary reasons why Kanye wears a mouthguard is for protection. As a performer, he is often jumping around on stage and moving his head in various directions. This can put him at risk of injuring his teeth or mouth, especially if he accidentally bites down on his tongue or lips. A mouthguard provides a layer of protection that can help prevent these types of injuries.

Furthermore, Kanye has been known to get into altercations with paparazzi and other individuals who invade his personal space. In these situations, a mouthguard can protect his teeth and mouth from any potential punches or blows.


Another reason why Kanye wears a mouthguard is for style. He is known for his bold fashion choices, and the mouthguard is just another accessory that he can use to make a statement. By wearing a mouthguard, Kanye is able to add a unique touch to his outfits and stand out from the crowd.

In addition, Kanye has been known to collaborate with fashion designers and brands to create his own line of clothing and accessories. It is possible that he has created his own line of mouthguards that he wears as a way to promote his brand and style.

Dental Issues

why does kanye wear mouthguards

It is also possible that Kanye wears a mouthguard due to dental issues. He has been seen with braces in the past, which suggests that he may have had orthodontic work done on his teeth. In some cases, individuals who have had orthodontic work done are advised to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and braces from damage.

In addition, Kanye has been known to grind his teeth, which can lead to dental problems such as chipping or cracking. Wearing a mouthguard can help prevent these types of issues and protect his teeth from further damage.

Performance Enhancement

Some athletes wear mouthguards to enhance their performance, and it is possible that Kanye does the same. Research has shown that wearing a mouthguard can improve an athlete’s balance, strength, and reaction time. It is possible that Kanye wears a mouthguard to improve his performance on stage and give him a competitive edge.


There are several reasons why Kanye wears a mouthguard, including protection, style, dental issues, and performance enhancement. Regardless of the reason, the mouthguard has become a signature accessory for Kanye and a part of his unique fashion sense.

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