why does kurt angle wear a wrap on his hand

Kurt Angle, a professional wrestler and Olympic gold medalist, is known for wearing a wrap on his hand during his matches. This article aims to explore the reasons behind Angle’s decision to wear the wrap, considering various aspects such as injury prevention, support, and psychological factors.

Injury Prevention

One possible reason for Kurt Angle wearing a wrap on his hand is to prevent injuries. Wrestling involves intense physical contact and the risk of hand injuries, such as sprains, fractures, or dislocations, is high. The wrap provides an additional layer of protection, reducing the impact on his hand during moves and minimizing the chance of injury.

Furthermore, the wrap can help stabilize the joints and ligaments in his hand, preventing excessive movement that could lead to injuries. This is particularly important for Angle, as he performs high-impact maneuvers and relies heavily on his hands for grappling and striking.

Support and Compression

Another reason for Angle wearing a wrap could be to provide support and compression to his hand. The wrap can help maintain proper alignment of the bones and muscles, reducing the risk of strain or overuse injuries. It also helps in stabilizing the tendons and ligaments, providing additional support during intense movements.

The compression provided by the wrap can improve blood circulation, reducing swelling and promoting faster recovery from minor injuries. This allows Angle to continue performing at a high level, even with minor hand issues.

Psychological Factors

Wrestling is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. The psychological aspect of wearing a wrap on his hand could play a significant role in Angle’s performance. The wrap may serve as a psychological cue, reminding him to be cautious and protect his hand during matches.

Additionally, the wrap may give Angle a sense of confidence and security. Knowing that his hand is protected can alleviate any concerns or worries he may have, allowing him to focus more on his technique and strategy in the ring.

Branding and Image

why does kurt angle wear a wrap on his hand

Professional wrestlers often have distinctive attire or accessories that contribute to their branding and image. Angle’s decision to wear a wrap on his hand could be a part of his persona and character in the wrestling world. It sets him apart from other wrestlers and adds to his overall image as a tough and resilient competitor.

Furthermore, the wrap may serve as a visual identifier for fans, making Angle easily recognizable during his matches. This can help with his popularity and fan engagement, as fans can easily spot and connect with him.

Medical Advice and Precaution

It is possible that Kurt Angle wears a wrap on his hand based on medical advice or as a precautionary measure. If he has a history of hand injuries or vulnerabilities, medical professionals may have recommended the use of a wrap to minimize the risk of further damage.

As a professional athlete, Angle’s physical well-being is of utmost importance. Taking necessary precautions and following medical advice can help him maintain his health and prolong his wrestling career.


There are several reasons why Kurt Angle wears a wrap on his hand during his matches. It serves as a preventive measure against injuries, provides support and compression, influences psychological factors, contributes to his branding and image, and may be based on medical advice. Whatever the specific reasons may be, the wrap plays a vital role in Angle’s performance and overall well-being as a professional wrestler.

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