why does luis suarez wrap his hand

Why Does Luis Suarez Wrap His Hand?

Luis Suarez, the renowned Uruguayan professional footballer, has been spotted wrapping his hand on multiple occasions during matches. This peculiar behavior has left fans and pundits wondering about the reasons behind it. In this article, we will explore various aspects that shed light on why Suarez wraps his hand.

Injury Prevention

One possible reason for Suarez wrapping his hand is injury prevention. Football is a contact sport, and players often face the risk of hand injuries, such as fractures or sprains. By wrapping his hand, Suarez aims to provide additional support and stability, reducing the chances of sustaining an injury during intense gameplay.

why does luis suarez wrap his hand

Moreover, wrapping his hand may also help protect existing injuries. Players often continue playing despite minor injuries, and wrapping the hand can provide a layer of protection and alleviate pain, allowing Suarez to perform at his best.

Enhanced Grip

Another reason for Suarez wrapping his hand could be to enhance his grip on the ball. A secure grip is crucial for maintaining control and accuracy while dribbling, passing, or shooting. By tightly wrapping his hand, Suarez may improve his grip, allowing him to have better control over the ball and execute his skills more effectively.

Psychological Advantage

Wrapping his hand might also provide Suarez with a psychological advantage. Opponents may perceive the wrapped hand as a sign of strength and determination, making them more cautious in their tackles and challenges. This psychological edge can give Suarez an upper hand in one-on-one situations and create more space for him to operate on the field.

Supporting a Previous Injury

Suarez has had a history of hand injuries, including a fracture during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Wrapping his hand could be a way for him to support any lingering issues from past injuries. By providing additional support and stability, the wrapping may reduce discomfort and prevent further damage to the previously injured hand.

Medical Recommendation

It is also possible that Suarez’s hand wrapping is a medical recommendation. Professional athletes often consult with sports medicine experts who may suggest specific preventive measures or support techniques to optimize performance and minimize injury risks. If Suarez has received such advice, wrapping his hand could be a part of his personalized injury prevention plan.

Superstition or Ritual

Like many athletes, Suarez may have developed a superstition or ritual associated with wrapping his hand. Superstitions can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, boosting confidence and focus. If Suarez believes that wrapping his hand brings him luck or helps him perform better, he may continue to do so out of habit or personal belief.

Style or Fashion Statement

While functionality and performance are primary reasons, Suarez’s hand wrapping might also have a stylistic or fashion statement aspect to it. Footballers are known for their unique styles and personal branding, both on and off the field. Wrapping his hand could be Suarez’s way of standing out or expressing his individuality, making him easily recognizable among fans and spectators.

Adapting to Injuries in Other Body Parts

Sometimes, players may compensate for injuries in one body part by providing additional support to another. Suarez’s hand wrapping could be a result of him compensating for an injury or discomfort in another area, such as his wrist or forearm. By reducing strain on the injured area, Suarez can continue playing without compromising his overall performance.


Luis Suarez’s habit of wrapping his hand during football matches can be attributed to various reasons. It could be a preventive measure to reduce the risk of hand injuries, a way to enhance grip and control, or even a psychological advantage. Additionally, supporting previous injuries, medical recommendations, superstitions, style choices, and compensating for injuries in other body parts are all factors that may contribute to Suarez’s hand wrapping. Ultimately, only Suarez himself knows the true motivation behind this unique practice.

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