why does scotty james wear boxing gloves

why does scotty james wear boxing gloves

Scotty James, a professional snowboarder from Australia, is known for his unique style and impressive tricks on the halfpipe. One distinctive feature of his attire is the boxing gloves he wears during competitions. This article aims to explore the reasons behind Scotty James’ choice to wear boxing gloves and examine the various aspects that contribute to this decision.

1. Protection and Safety

One possible reason for Scotty James wearing boxing gloves is to provide protection and safety during his performances. The halfpipe can be a dangerous environment, with the potential for falls and collisions. By wearing boxing gloves, Scotty can cushion his hands and reduce the risk of injury when he lands or makes contact with the snow or the edge of the halfpipe.

2. Grip and Control

Another aspect to consider is the grip and control that boxing gloves offer. The gloves’ textured surface can enhance Scotty’s grip on the snowboard, allowing him to maintain better control while performing his tricks. This increased grip can be particularly beneficial when executing complex maneuvers that require precise movements and balance.

3. Style and Individuality

why does scotty james wear boxing gloves

Scotty James is known for his unique style both on and off the snowboard. The choice to wear boxing gloves adds an element of individuality and personal flair to his performances. It sets him apart from other athletes and helps him establish a distinct identity within the snowboarding community.

4. Psychological Boost

Wearing boxing gloves may also provide Scotty with a psychological boost. Just as boxers wear gloves to feel more confident and powerful, Scotty might associate the gloves with a sense of strength and determination. This mental reinforcement can contribute to improved performance and a competitive edge on the halfpipe.

5. Branding and Sponsorship

Professional athletes often incorporate specific gear or clothing items as part of their branding and sponsorship agreements. It is possible that Scotty James wears boxing gloves as a way to promote a particular brand or sponsor. The gloves may feature logos or designs that align with his sponsors’ branding, helping to increase their visibility during competitions and media coverage.

6. Weather Conditions

Snowboarding competitions take place in various weather conditions, including cold temperatures. Boxing gloves are typically designed to provide warmth and insulation. By wearing them, Scotty can protect his hands from freezing and maintain dexterity and feel while performing his tricks.

7. Cultural Influence

Scotty James’ decision to wear boxing gloves may also be influenced by cultural factors. Boxing is a popular sport in many countries, and the gloves are associated with strength, discipline, and perseverance. By incorporating boxing gloves into his snowboarding attire, Scotty might be paying homage to the values and traditions associated with boxing.

8. Personal Preference and Comfort

Ultimately, Scotty James’ choice to wear boxing gloves may simply come down to personal preference and comfort. Every athlete has their own unique preferences when it comes to gear and equipment. The gloves might feel more comfortable to Scotty, allowing him to focus on his performance without any distractions or discomfort.


There are several reasons why Scotty James chooses to wear boxing gloves during his snowboarding competitions. These include protection and safety, improved grip and control, personal style and individuality, psychological reinforcement, branding and sponsorship, weather conditions, cultural influence, and personal preference. By understanding these factors, we gain insight into the thought process behind Scotty’s choice and appreciate the impact it has on his performance.

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