why is benzema hand wrapped

why is benzema hand wrapped

Benzema, the renowned French football player, has often been seen with his hand wrapped during matches. This peculiar sight has sparked curiosity among fans and pundits alike. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why Benzema’s hand is wrapped, considering different aspects such as injuries, tactical strategies, superstitions, and more.


One possible reason for Benzema’s hand wrap is an underlying injury. Football players often sustain hand injuries due to collisions, falls, or contact with the ball. Wrapping the hand can provide support and stability, preventing further damage and allowing the player to continue playing.

Furthermore, hand wraps can be used to protect existing injuries, such as fractures or sprains. These injuries may not be severe enough to keep the player off the field but still require extra support and protection during matches.

In some cases, the hand wrap may be a precautionary measure to avoid potential injuries. Benzema might have experienced previous hand injuries and decided to wrap his hand preventively to minimize the risk of reinjury.

Tactical Strategies

Another reason for Benzema’s hand wrap could be tactical in nature. Coaches and players often employ various strategies to gain an advantage on the field. Wrapping the hand may serve as a signal or a distraction to confuse opponents.

For example, the wrapped hand could be used to indicate specific plays or movements to teammates. It could also draw the attention of defenders, diverting their focus from other areas of the field and creating opportunities for Benzema and his teammates to exploit.

Moreover, the hand wrap might be part of a larger tactical plan to deceive opponents. By making them believe that Benzema has a hand injury, they might underestimate his abilities or focus their defensive efforts on his hand, leaving other areas exposed.


Superstitions are prevalent in the world of sports, and football is no exception. Many players adhere to rituals or engage in certain behaviors they believe will bring them luck or enhance their performance. Benzema’s hand wrap could be a manifestation of such superstitions.

It is possible that Benzema believes the hand wrap brings him good luck or provides a psychological boost. By wrapping his hand, he may feel more confident, focused, or protected during matches. This belief can have a positive impact on his overall performance on the field.

Additionally, the hand wrap might be a superstitious habit developed over time. If Benzema has experienced success or positive outcomes while wearing the hand wrap in the past, he may continue doing so as a way to maintain consistency and replicate those favorable results.

Style Statement

Football players often express their individuality and personal style through their appearance on the field. The hand wrap could be Benzema’s way of making a fashion statement or standing out from the crowd.

By wrapping his hand, Benzema creates a unique visual element that distinguishes him from other players. This attention-grabbing accessory may become a signature style for him, enhancing his overall image and brand as a football player.

Furthermore, the hand wrap could serve as a form of self-expression or a reflection of Benzema’s personality. It may symbolize strength, resilience, or a rebellious spirit, aligning with his on-field persona and adding to his overall charisma.

Medical Reasons

Lastly, the hand wrap could be a result of medical advice or treatment. If Benzema has a chronic condition or hand-related medical issue, wrapping the hand might be part of his prescribed treatment plan.

Medical professionals often recommend compression or support wraps to aid in the recovery process or manage certain conditions. Benzema’s hand wrap could be a way to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, or provide additional stability during matches.

Moreover, the hand wrap might be a temporary measure to allow Benzema to play while undergoing treatment or rehabilitation. It could protect the hand from further damage and help him manage any discomfort or limitations caused by the medical condition.

why is benzema hand wrapped


Benzema’s hand wrap can be attributed to various factors, including injuries, tactical strategies, superstitions, style choices, and medical reasons. While the exact reason may vary from match to match, it adds an intriguing element to his on-field presence and keeps fans speculating about its significance. Regardless of the underlying reason, Benzema’s hand wrap has become an iconic and recognizable feature of his playing style.

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