why is sebastian castellanos hand wrapped in evil within two

The Evil Within 2 is a popular survival horror video game that follows the story of Sebastian Castellanos as he ventures into the nightmarish world of STEM. One notable aspect of Sebastian’s appearance in the game is his hand, which is wrapped in bandages. This article aims to explore the reasons behind Sebastian Castellanos’ hand being wrapped in Evil Within 2 from various perspectives.

why is sebastian castellanos hand wrapped in evil within two

1. Injury in the Previous Game

In the first game of the series, Sebastian Castellanos experiences numerous traumatic events, including encounters with grotesque creatures and supernatural forces. It is likely that Sebastian’s hand was injured during these encounters, leading to the need for bandages in the sequel.

2. Symbolic Representation of Sebastian’s Struggles

The bandaged hand could be seen as a symbolic representation of Sebastian’s physical and emotional struggles throughout the game. It serves as a constant reminder of the pain and trauma he has endured, adding to the overall atmosphere of horror and desperation.

3. Connection to the Game’s Dark Themes

The Evil Within 2 explores dark and twisted themes, such as psychological manipulation and the blurring of reality. Sebastian’s bandaged hand could be seen as a visual representation of these themes, hinting at the corruption and decay that permeates the game’s world.

4. Gameplay Mechanics

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Sebastian’s bandaged hand could serve a practical purpose. It could indicate the character’s health status, with the bandages becoming more tattered and bloodied as Sebastian takes damage.

5. Psychological Defense Mechanism

Sebastian’s hand could be wrapped in bandages as a psychological defense mechanism. It could be a way for him to cope with the horrors he encounters by physically distancing himself from the traumatic experiences.

6. Visual Differentiation

The bandaged hand helps visually differentiate Sebastian from other characters in the game. It makes him stand out, emphasizing his role as the protagonist and highlighting his unique journey within the nightmarish world of STEM.

7. Connection to the Storyline

The reason behind Sebastian’s bandaged hand could be directly tied to the game’s storyline. It could be a result of his attempts to escape from the clutches of STEM or a consequence of his interactions with the game’s main antagonist, Stefano Valentini.

8. Symbolic Representation of Sebastian’s Determination

Despite the challenges and horrors he faces, Sebastian remains determined to save his daughter and unravel the mysteries of STEM. The bandaged hand could symbolize his unwavering resolve and his willingness to endure physical pain for the sake of his mission.

9. Connection to the Game’s Visual Aesthetics

The Evil Within 2 features a dark and gritty visual aesthetic, with decaying environments and grotesque creatures. Sebastian’s bandaged hand adds to this aesthetic, further enhancing the game’s overall atmosphere of horror and despair.

10. Foreshadowing of Sebastian’s Character Development

Sebastian’s bandaged hand could foreshadow his character development throughout the game. As the story progresses, the bandages may gradually unravel or disappear, symbolizing his growth, resilience, and ability to overcome the horrors he encounters.


The bandaged hand of Sebastian Castellanos in Evil Within 2 serves multiple purposes, ranging from symbolic representation to gameplay mechanics. It adds depth to the character and enhances the overall atmosphere of horror and desperation in the game.

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