why wear a mouthguard in hockey

Why Wear a Mouthguard in Hockey

Hockey is a fast-paced and physical sport that involves a lot of contact between players. As a result, players are at risk of sustaining injuries, particularly to the mouth and teeth. Wearing a mouthguard is an essential safety measure for hockey players of all ages and skill levels. In this article, we will explore the reasons why wearing a mouthguard in hockey is so important.

Protects Teeth and Mouth

The most obvious reason to wear a mouthguard in hockey is to protect your teeth and mouth from injury. A mouthguard is a protective device that fits over your teeth and gums, providing a cushioning effect that helps to absorb the impact of a blow. Without a mouthguard, a player is at risk of chipping, cracking, or even losing teeth, as well as sustaining cuts or bruises to the mouth.

Furthermore, a mouthguard can help to prevent more serious injuries such as jaw fractures or concussions. By absorbing some of the force of a blow, a mouthguard can reduce the risk of these types of injuries occurring.

Improves Breathing and Performance

Another benefit of wearing a mouthguard in hockey is that it can improve your breathing and performance on the ice. A properly fitted mouthguard can help to keep your airways open and reduce the amount of lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during a game. This can help you to breathe easier and perform better, especially during high-intensity moments of the game.

Reduces Risk of Infection

Wearing a mouthguard in hockey can also reduce the risk of infection. When a player sustains an injury to the mouth or teeth, there is a risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing an infection. A mouthguard can help to prevent this by providing a barrier between the injury and the rest of the body.

Customizable for Comfort

why wear a mouthguard in hockey

One of the great things about mouthguards is that they can be customized for comfort. There are a variety of mouthguard types and materials available, including boil-and-bite, custom-fit, and even flavored options. By choosing a mouthguard that fits well and feels comfortable, players are more likely to wear it consistently and get the protection they need.

Mandated by Leagues and Associations

Many hockey leagues and associations now mandate the use of mouthguards for players. This is because they recognize the importance of protecting players from injury and reducing the risk of liability. Players who do not wear a mouthguard may face penalties or even be disqualified from playing in games.

Cost-Effective Solution

Wearing a mouthguard is a cost-effective solution for protecting your teeth and mouth in hockey. Compared to the cost of dental work or medical treatment for injuries, a mouthguard is a relatively inexpensive investment. Additionally, many dental insurance plans cover the cost of mouthguards, making it an even more affordable option.


In conclusion, wearing a mouthguard in hockey is essential for protecting your teeth and mouth, improving your breathing and performance, reducing the risk of infection, and complying with league regulations. With the variety of customizable options available, there is no reason not to wear a mouthguard while playing hockey. It is a small investment that can pay off in a big way when it comes to your safety and well-being on the ice.

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