why wrap hands between fingers

why wrap hands between fingers

Why Wrap Hands Between Fingers

Hand wrapping is a common practice in combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. It involves wrapping cloth or bandages around the hands and wrists to provide support, protection, and stability during training or competition. While there are different methods of hand wrapping, one popular technique is to wrap between the fingers. In this article, we will explore various reasons why wrapping hands between fingers is beneficial.

Enhanced Stability and Support

One of the primary reasons for wrapping hands between fingers is to enhance stability and support. By placing the wrap between the fingers, it helps to secure the hand and keep the fingers aligned. This prevents excessive movement and reduces the risk of sprains or fractures during impact.

Moreover, wrapping between the fingers provides additional support to the knuckles and the wrist. It helps distribute the force generated from punches or strikes more evenly, reducing the chances of injury.

Reduced Risk of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are common in combat sports due to the repetitive and forceful nature of punches. Wrapping hands between fingers adds an extra layer of protection to the vulnerable areas of the hand, such as the metacarpals and the phalanges. The wrap acts as a cushion, absorbing and dispersing the impact, thus reducing the risk of fractures or sprains.

Additionally, by wrapping between the fingers, it helps to stabilize the small bones and joints, minimizing the chances of dislocations or ligament damage.

Improved Fist Formation

Wrapping between the fingers aids in forming a proper fist. The wrap fills the gaps between the fingers, ensuring they are tightly held together. This promotes a more compact and solid fist, which can generate more power and accuracy in strikes.

Furthermore, a well-formed fist reduces the risk of hitting with incorrect angles or striking with the wrong part of the hand, which can lead to hand injuries.

Sweat Absorption

why wrap hands between fingers

During intense training or competition, sweat can accumulate on the hands, making them slippery. By wrapping hands between fingers, the wrap acts as a barrier, absorbing excess sweat and preventing it from affecting the grip. This improves control and reduces the likelihood of punches slipping or sliding off the target, enhancing overall performance.

Longevity of Gloves

Wrapping hands between fingers also helps prolong the lifespan of gloves. The wrap acts as a protective layer, reducing the direct contact between the skin and the glove’s inner lining. This prevents sweat, oils, and bacteria from deteriorating the glove’s material, keeping them cleaner and more durable over time.

Additionally, the wrap helps to absorb some of the impact, reducing the stress on the gloves and preventing premature wear and tear.

Psychological Confidence

Hand wrapping, including between fingers, can provide psychological confidence to fighters. The act of wrapping before a fight or training session creates a ritualistic routine that helps mentally prepare for the physical demands ahead. It can instill a sense of readiness and focus, boosting self-confidence and overall performance.

Furthermore, knowing that the hands are properly protected and supported can alleviate anxiety about potential hand injuries, allowing fighters to fully commit to their strikes without hesitation.


Wrapping hands between fingers offers numerous benefits in combat sports. It enhances stability and support, reduces the risk of hand injuries, improves fist formation, absorbs sweat, prolongs the lifespan of gloves, and provides psychological confidence. It is an essential practice for fighters looking to optimize their performance while minimizing the chances of hand-related issues. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, hand wrapping should be an integral part of your training routine.

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