will a 1991 reg cab short box chevy clear 33’s

will a 1991 reg cab short box chevy clear 33’s

A 1991 reg cab short box Chevy is a classic pickup truck that has its own unique charm. One of the modifications that many truck enthusiasts consider for this model is fitting it with 33-inch tires. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of upgrading a 1991 reg cab short box Chevy to accommodate 33-inch tires.

1. Suspension

The first consideration when fitting 33-inch tires on a 1991 reg cab short box Chevy is the suspension. The stock suspension may not have enough clearance for the larger tires. Upgrading to a lift kit or leveling kit can provide the necessary clearance for the tires. Additionally, upgrading the shocks and springs can improve the truck’s handling and stability.

2. Axles and Gears

With larger tires, the stock axles and gears may not be suitable. Upgrading to stronger axles and lower gears can help maintain power and prevent excessive strain on the drivetrain. This modification ensures that the truck can handle the increased load and maintain its performance.

3. Fender Flares

Installing fender flares is essential when fitting 33-inch tires on a 1991 reg cab short box Chevy. The larger tires will extend beyond the stock fenders, and fender flares provide the necessary coverage. They also add a rugged and aggressive look to the truck.

4. Wheel Spacers

will a 1991 reg cab short box chevy clear 33's

Wheel spacers may be required to create enough space between the tires and the suspension components. This modification ensures that the tires do not rub against any parts of the truck, preventing damage and maintaining proper alignment. It also gives the truck a wider stance, improving stability.

5. Brake Upgrades

With larger tires, the stock brakes may not provide sufficient stopping power. Upgrading the brake system, including larger rotors and calipers, can improve braking performance and ensure safety. This modification is crucial to handle the increased weight and rolling resistance of the 33-inch tires.

6. Powertrain Modifications

Depending on the engine and transmission setup, additional powertrain modifications may be necessary to optimize performance with 33-inch tires. This could include upgrading the exhaust system, tuning the engine for more torque, or installing a performance chip. These modifications help maintain power and improve fuel efficiency.

7. Tire Selection

Choosing the right 33-inch tires for the 1991 reg cab short box Chevy is crucial. Factors to consider include tire type (all-terrain, mud-terrain, etc.), load rating, tread pattern, and brand reputation. Proper research and consultation with experts can ensure the right tires are selected for the truck’s specific needs.

8. Alignment and Suspension Tuning

After fitting 33-inch tires, it is essential to have the truck’s alignment checked and adjusted if necessary. The larger tires can affect the truck’s alignment, leading to uneven tire wear and handling issues. Suspension tuning may also be required to optimize the truck’s performance with the new tire size.


Upgrading a 1991 reg cab short box Chevy to clear 33-inch tires involves several modifications to ensure proper fitment and performance. From suspension upgrades to tire selection and powertrain modifications, each aspect plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome. With careful planning and execution, the truck can be transformed into an off-road beast that turns heads on and off the pavement.

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