why are lanky people good in mma

Why are Lanky People Good in MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various techniques from different martial arts disciplines. In MMA, fighters with different body types can excel, and lanky people, in particular, have unique advantages. In this article, we will explore several reasons why lanky individuals tend to perform well in MMA.

1. Reach Advantage

Lanky individuals typically have longer limbs, giving them a significant reach advantage over their opponents. This allows them to strike from a distance and land punches and kicks without getting too close. Their longer reach also helps in grappling situations, as they can maintain distance and control their opponents effectively.

2. Striking Power

Contrary to popular belief, lanky people can generate considerable striking power. Their longer limbs allow for greater leverage, enabling them to generate more force when throwing punches and kicks. This can be especially advantageous in knockout situations, as they can deliver devastating strikes from unexpected angles.

3. Defensive Abilities

Lanky individuals often have excellent defensive skills due to their ability to keep opponents at a distance. Their longer limbs enable them to maintain a defensive guard, making it challenging for opponents to land strikes. Additionally, their reach advantage allows them to evade attacks more effectively, making it harder for opponents to close the distance.

4. Flexibility

why are lanky people good in mma

Many lanky people possess greater flexibility compared to individuals with shorter limbs. This flexibility allows them to execute a wider range of techniques, such as high kicks and submissions. It also helps them in defensive situations, as they can escape from tight holds and maintain a more fluid movement during fights.

5. Agility and Speed

Despite their longer limbs, lanky individuals can possess impressive agility and speed. Their body structure allows for swift movement and quick transitions between techniques. This agility and speed can be crucial in both striking and grappling exchanges, as it enables them to outmaneuver their opponents and create openings for attacks.

6. Adaptability

Lanky individuals often develop a versatile fighting style due to their unique body type. They learn to capitalize on their strengths while adapting to their opponents’ strategies. This adaptability allows them to switch between striking and grappling techniques seamlessly, making them unpredictable and challenging to counter.

7. Ground Game

Lanky individuals can excel in the ground game, particularly in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Their longer limbs provide additional leverage when attempting submissions and controlling their opponents. They can apply chokes and joint locks more effectively, making it difficult for opponents to escape their submissions.

8. Endurance

Lanky individuals often possess greater endurance due to their lean body structure. They tend to have a higher proportion of slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are more resistant to fatigue. This endurance allows them to maintain a high level of performance throughout longer fights and withstand their opponents’ attacks.

9. Strategy and Intelligence

Lanky fighters often develop a strategic mindset and rely on intelligence to overcome physical disadvantages. They use their reach advantage to keep opponents at bay while analyzing their opponents’ weaknesses. This strategic approach helps them formulate effective game plans and exploit their opponents’ vulnerabilities.

10. Mental Toughness

Lanky individuals often face challenges due to their unique body type, which requires mental toughness to overcome. They learn to embrace their advantages and work on improving their weaknesses. This mental resilience allows them to endure hardships during training and fights, giving them a competitive edge in MMA.

In conclusion, lanky individuals possess several natural advantages that make them well-suited for MMA. Their reach advantage, striking power, defensive abilities, flexibility, agility, adaptability, ground game skills, endurance, strategy, and mental toughness all contribute to their success in the sport. While body type is not the sole determinant of success in MMA, being lanky can provide unique opportunities for fighters to excel in their techniques and strategies.

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