why aren’t finger locks allowed in mma

Finger locks are a controversial technique in mixed martial arts (MMA). While they can be effective in immobilizing opponents, they are generally not allowed in professional MMA fights. This article aims to explore the reasons behind the prohibition of finger locks in MMA from various perspectives.

1. Safety Concerns

Finger locks involve manipulating an opponent’s fingers, which can lead to severe injuries such as dislocations, fractures, or ligament tears. MMA organizations prioritize the safety of their fighters, and allowing finger locks could increase the risk of serious harm.

2. Difficulty in Regulation

Finger locks require precise control and technique to avoid causing unnecessary injuries. Regulating the proper execution of finger locks in the heat of a fight can be challenging for referees. It is easier to enforce a blanket ban on finger locks rather than attempting to monitor their safe application.

3. Unpredictable Outcomes

Finger locks can have unpredictable outcomes, especially when applied by inexperienced fighters. There is a risk of accidentally causing permanent damage to an opponent’s fingers, which can have long-term consequences outside the octagon.

4. Potential for Deliberate Injury

While most MMA fighters adhere to a code of sportsmanship, there is always the possibility of a competitor intentionally using a finger lock to inflict harm on their opponent. Prohibiting finger locks helps discourage unsportsmanlike conduct and maintain the integrity of the sport.

5. Focus on Striking and Grappling

MMA is primarily a sport that combines striking and grappling techniques. The exclusion of finger locks allows fighters to focus on developing skills in these areas without the added complexity of finger manipulation.

6. Consistency with Other Combat Sports

Prohibiting finger locks in MMA aligns with the rules of other combat sports, such as boxing and kickboxing. By maintaining consistency across different disciplines, the sport ensures a level playing field and facilitates the transition of athletes between different combat sports.

7. Spectator Experience

Finger locks, due to their technical nature, may not be visually appealing to casual fans. MMA organizations strive to provide an entertaining experience for spectators, and allowing finger locks could potentially detract from the excitement and accessibility of the sport.

8. Legal Liability

Permitting finger locks in MMA could expose organizations to legal liability. In the event of a severe finger injury, fighters or their representatives could potentially pursue legal action against the promotion or regulatory bodies for allowing a technique known to be dangerous.


While finger locks can be effective in immobilizing opponents, their prohibition in MMA is justified by concerns over safety, regulation difficulties, unpredictable outcomes, potential for deliberate injury, the focus on striking and grappling, consistency with other combat sports, spectator experience, and legal liability. By prioritizing fighter safety and maintaining the integrity of the sport, MMA organizations ensure a fair and entertaining experience for both competitors and spectators.

why aren't finger locks allowed in mma

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