why boxing is more dangerous than mma

Why Boxing is More Dangerous than MMA

Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) are two combat sports that involve striking techniques. While both sports carry inherent risks, boxing is generally considered more dangerous than MMA due to several factors.

1. Increased Risk of Head Injuries

One of the primary reasons why boxing is more dangerous than MMA is the increased risk of head injuries. In boxing, the main objective is to strike the opponent’s head with punches, which can lead to concussions, brain damage, and even death. MMA, on the other hand, allows for a variety of strikes, including kicks, elbows, and knees, which distribute the impact across different areas of the body, reducing the likelihood of severe head injuries.

2. Longer Duration of Rounds

In boxing, rounds typically last for three minutes, with championship fights consisting of up to twelve rounds. This prolonged duration of rounds increases the likelihood of fatigue, making boxers more vulnerable to injuries. In MMA, rounds are usually five minutes long, and championship fights generally have a maximum of five rounds. The shorter rounds in MMA help maintain the athletes’ energy levels and reduce the risk of exhaustion-related injuries.

3. Lack of Ground Fighting Skills

why boxing is more dangerous than mma

Boxers primarily focus on striking techniques and often lack the necessary skills for ground fighting. When a boxer is knocked down, they may struggle to defend themselves or properly fall, increasing the chances of sustaining additional injuries. MMA fighters, on the other hand, receive training in various martial arts disciplines, including grappling and submissions, which allows them to better protect themselves when the fight goes to the ground.

4. Limited Protective Gear

Boxers typically wear gloves, mouthguards, and sometimes headgear for protection. While these items offer some level of safety, they do not fully mitigate the risks associated with head injuries. In MMA, fighters wear smaller gloves that allow for more dexterity, but they also have the option to wear shin guards, groin protectors, and even chest protectors. This additional protective gear in MMA helps reduce the risk of injuries to different parts of the body.

5. Higher Frequency of Knockouts

Knockouts, where a fighter is rendered unconscious, are more common in boxing than in MMA. The repeated blows to the head in boxing increase the likelihood of knockouts, which can lead to severe brain damage. In MMA, due to the variety of strikes and the ability to use grappling techniques, knockouts are less frequent, as fighters have multiple ways to win a fight without relying solely on strikes to the head.

6. Less Frequent Stoppages

In boxing, fights can continue even when one fighter is clearly outmatched or severely injured. Referees may allow the fight to continue until a boxer is knocked down or unable to defend themselves. This can result in additional unnecessary damage. In MMA, fights are stopped more frequently by referees if a fighter is unable to intelligently defend themselves or if they are sustaining excessive damage, ensuring the safety of the athletes.

7. Higher Incidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative brain condition that is commonly associated with repeated head trauma. Due to the nature of boxing, with its focus on head punches, boxers are at a higher risk of developing CTE. MMA fighters, with their more varied striking techniques, have a reduced risk of developing this condition.

8. Difficulty in Scoring a Knockout

Boxing matches often go the full distance without a knockout, resulting in a higher number of punches thrown and absorbed. This prolonged exposure to strikes increases the risk of cumulative damage to the brain and other organs. In MMA, the availability of different techniques and the inclusion of grappling make it easier for fighters to secure submissions or knockouts, potentially ending the fight earlier and reducing the overall damage sustained.


While both boxing and MMA carry risks, boxing is generally considered more dangerous due to the increased risk of head injuries, longer duration of rounds, limited ground fighting skills, limited protective gear, higher frequency of knockouts, less frequent stoppages, higher incidence of CTE, and the difficulty in scoring a knockout. These factors highlight the need for strict safety regulations and ongoing efforts to protect the well-being of combat sport athletes.

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