why cant jorina baars fight mma

why cant jorina baars fight mma

Jorina Baars is a highly accomplished kickboxer known for her dominance in the sport. However, despite her success in kickboxing, she has not transitioned to mixed martial arts (MMA). This article aims to explore the reasons why Jorina Baars has not pursued a career in MMA, examining various aspects that may have influenced her decision.

Lack of Interest in Ground Game

One possible reason why Jorina Baars has not pursued MMA is her lack of interest in the ground game. In kickboxing, the focus is primarily on striking techniques, while MMA involves a combination of striking, grappling, and submissions. Baars may prefer to focus on her strengths in striking rather than dedicating time and effort to develop her ground game skills.

Moreover, MMA requires a diverse skill set, including wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and judo. Baars may feel that she is better suited to excel in kickboxing, where she has already achieved great success.

Physical Demands and Injury Risks

why cant jorina baars fight mma

MMA is a physically demanding sport that places significant stress on the body. Fighters often endure intense training sessions and face the risk of injuries during fights. Baars, being a successful kickboxer, may have concerns about the potential impact of transitioning to MMA on her body and overall health.

Additionally, the risk of concussions and other head injuries is higher in MMA due to the inclusion of ground strikes and submissions. Baars may prioritize her long-term health and well-being, which could be a factor in her decision not to pursue MMA.

Financial Considerations

Another aspect to consider is the financial aspect of transitioning to MMA. While MMA has grown in popularity, the financial rewards for fighters are often not as lucrative as those in other combat sports like boxing. Baars may have decided to continue competing in kickboxing, where she has established herself as a successful and well-paid athlete.

Furthermore, the transition to MMA would require additional training, coaching, and potentially a change in management. These factors can be costly and may not guarantee immediate financial returns for Baars.

Personal Preferences and Goals

Every athlete has personal preferences and goals that shape their career decisions. Baars may simply prefer the atmosphere, rules, and structure of kickboxing over MMA. She may find more fulfillment and enjoyment in competing solely in kickboxing and may have set specific goals within that sport that she wants to achieve.

Moreover, Baars may have other personal commitments or interests outside of combat sports that she prioritizes over pursuing a career in MMA. These factors can play a significant role in an athlete’s decision-making process.

Legacy and Reputation

Jorina Baars has already established herself as one of the most successful kickboxers in the world. Transitioning to MMA would mean starting from scratch in a new sport and potentially risking her reputation and legacy as a kickboxer.

Baars may prefer to continue building her legacy in kickboxing, where she is already recognized as a dominant force. By staying in kickboxing, she can solidify her status as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Competition Level

MMA is known for its highly competitive landscape, with fighters coming from various backgrounds and disciplines. Baars may feel that the level of competition in MMA is significantly higher than in kickboxing, making it a more challenging and risky endeavor.

By staying in kickboxing, Baars can continue to compete against top-level opponents while maintaining her dominance in the sport. This may be a motivating factor for her to remain in kickboxing rather than venturing into the highly competitive world of MMA.

Training and Preparation

The training and preparation required for MMA are vastly different from those in kickboxing. Baars may not be willing to invest the time and effort needed to learn new techniques, adapt her fighting style, and develop the necessary skills for MMA.

Additionally, MMA training often involves a significant amount of grappling and ground work, which may not align with Baars’ preferred training methods and preferences. She may feel more comfortable and motivated to continue training in a kickboxing-specific environment.


While Jorina Baars’ decision not to pursue MMA may be disappointing to some fans, it is essential to respect and understand her reasons. Factors such as her lack of interest in the ground game, physical demands and injury risks, financial considerations, personal preferences and goals, legacy and reputation, competition level, and training and preparation all play a role in her decision-making process. Ultimately, Baars has chosen to focus on kickboxing, where she has achieved remarkable success and continues to leave a lasting impact.

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