why did dern leave mma lab

why did dern leave mma lab

Dern is a talented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist who made a name for herself in the MMA world. However, she recently made the decision to leave the MMA Lab, a renowned training facility. This article aims to explore the various reasons why Dern decided to part ways with the MMA Lab.

Lack of Focus on Ground Game

One possible reason for Dern’s departure from the MMA Lab is the lack of emphasis on her ground game. As a world-class BJJ practitioner, Dern excels in grappling and submission techniques. However, the MMA Lab may have placed more emphasis on striking and other aspects of MMA, which may not have aligned with Dern’s strengths.

Furthermore, Dern may have felt that her ground game was not being given enough attention during training sessions, leading her to seek a new training environment where she could further develop her expertise.

Training Partner Availability

Another factor that may have influenced Dern’s decision is the availability of suitable training partners. The MMA Lab is known for its diverse roster of fighters, but it is possible that Dern struggled to find training partners who could adequately challenge her in grappling and BJJ.

Training with partners who are at a similar skill level or higher is crucial for growth and improvement. If Dern felt that she was not getting the necessary level of competition during training, it may have motivated her to seek a new training camp where she could find more suitable training partners.

Coaching Style

The coaching style at the MMA Lab could also be a contributing factor to Dern’s departure. Different fighters respond better to different coaching methods, and it is possible that Dern did not resonate with the coaching style employed at the MMA Lab.

Effective coaching involves understanding the unique needs and learning styles of each athlete. If Dern felt that her coaches were not effectively communicating or providing the necessary guidance, she may have decided to explore other training options.

Desire for a Fresh Challenge

After achieving success in BJJ and making a successful transition to MMA, Dern may have felt the need for a fresh challenge. Staying in the same training environment for an extended period can sometimes lead to complacency and a lack of growth.

By leaving the MMA Lab, Dern may have been seeking a new training camp that could provide her with fresh perspectives, training methods, and challenges to further push her skills and abilities.

why did dern leave mma lab

Location and Personal Factors

The location of the MMA Lab could have also played a role in Dern’s decision. Training camps often require fighters to relocate or spend a significant amount of time away from home.

If Dern had personal commitments or preferred to train closer to her family or support system, it is possible that the distance or logistics of training at the MMA Lab became a hindrance, leading her to seek a training camp that was more convenient for her personal life.

Financial Considerations

Financial considerations can also influence a fighter’s decision to change training camps. The cost of training, coaching fees, and living expenses can add up, particularly if the fighter is not receiving adequate sponsorship or fight purses.

If Dern felt that the financial burden of training at the MMA Lab was becoming unsustainable or if she received a more lucrative offer from another training camp, it could have been a significant factor in her decision to leave.

Philosophical Differences

Every training camp has its own philosophy and approach to the sport. It is possible that Dern had philosophical differences with the MMA Lab regarding training methods, fight strategies, or even the overall approach to MMA.

If Dern felt that her own values and beliefs were not aligned with those of the MMA Lab, it would make sense for her to seek a training camp that better aligned with her own philosophy and approach to the sport.


While the exact reasons for Dern’s departure from the MMA Lab may only be known to her, several factors could have played a role in her decision. From a lack of focus on her ground game to training partner availability, coaching style, desire for a fresh challenge, location and personal factors, financial considerations, and philosophical differences, all these aspects could have contributed to Dern’s choice to seek a new training camp. It will be interesting to see how this change impacts her future performances in the world of MMA.

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