why did exo not attend mma 2018

Why Did EXO Not Attend MAMA 2018?

EXO, one of the most popular K-pop groups, surprised fans when they did not attend the MAMA 2018 (Mnet Asian Music Awards). This unexpected absence left fans wondering about the reasons behind their non-appearance. In this article, we will explore various aspects that might shed light on why EXO did not attend MAMA 2018.

1. Scheduling Conflict

One possible reason for EXO’s absence could be a scheduling conflict. As a highly sought-after group, EXO often has a packed schedule with performances, promotions, and other commitments. It is possible that they had prior engagements or conflicting events that prevented them from attending MAMA 2018.

Another factor to consider is the group’s international commitments. EXO has a massive global fan base, which means they frequently travel for concerts and events in different countries. It is possible that they had overseas commitments during the same time as MAMA 2018, making it impossible for them to attend.

2. Health Issues

why did exo not attend mma 2018

Health concerns are often a significant factor in an artist’s decision to skip an event. EXO members are known for their rigorous training and intense performances, which can take a toll on their physical well-being. It is possible that one or more members were dealing with health issues that required rest and recovery, leading to their absence from MAMA 2018.

Moreover, the demanding nature of the K-pop industry can lead to exhaustion and burnout. EXO members may have taken a break to recharge and prioritize their health, which would explain their absence from the awards ceremony.

3. Internal Group Dynamics

Like any other group, EXO has its own dynamics and internal workings. It is possible that there were disagreements or conflicts within the group that led to their decision not to attend MAMA 2018. These issues could range from creative differences to personal matters, and the group may have felt that it was best to resolve them before participating in any public events.

Furthermore, individual members may have had personal reasons for not attending the awards ceremony. They could have had family commitments, personal projects, or other obligations that took precedence over MAMA 2018.

4. Strategic Considerations

Artists and their management often make strategic decisions regarding their public appearances. EXO may have decided to skip MAMA 2018 as part of a larger strategy to focus on other projects or events. This could include preparing for a comeback, working on new music, or planning their own solo concerts.

Additionally, EXO may have chosen to prioritize their presence at other award shows or events that align better with their current goals and promotional plans. These strategic considerations could have influenced their decision not to attend MAMA 2018.

5. Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt an artist’s plans. It is possible that unexpected events or emergencies occurred, which required EXO members to be elsewhere during MAMA 2018. These could include personal emergencies, family matters, or even natural disasters that required their immediate attention and presence.

Furthermore, technical issues or logistical problems can also play a role in an artist’s absence from an event. It is possible that EXO faced unexpected challenges related to travel, visas, or other logistical aspects that prevented them from attending MAMA 2018.

6. Creative Differences

Artists often have creative control over their performances and appearances. It is possible that EXO had creative differences with the organizers of MAMA 2018, which led them to decide not to attend. These differences could be related to stage concepts, song choices, or overall artistic direction.

Additionally, EXO may have had conflicting opinions regarding the fairness or credibility of the award show itself. They could have felt that their artistic contributions were not adequately recognized or valued, leading them to opt-out of the event.


While the exact reasons for EXO’s absence from MAMA 2018 remain unknown, several factors could have contributed to their non-attendance. Scheduling conflicts, health issues, internal dynamics, strategic considerations, unforeseen circumstances, and creative differences are all potential factors that may have influenced their decision. Regardless of the reasons, fans continue to support and anticipate EXO’s future endeavors, eagerly awaiting their next appearance in the K-pop scene.

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