why did kingdom get cancelled mma

why did kingdom get cancelled mma

“Kingdom” was a popular MMA-themed television series that captivated audiences with its intense fight scenes and compelling storyline. However, to the dismay of its loyal fanbase, the show was eventually cancelled. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why “Kingdom” met its untimely demise.

Lack of Viewership

One of the primary reasons for the cancellation of “Kingdom” was its relatively low viewership ratings. Despite positive reviews from critics, the show failed to attract a large enough audience to justify its production costs. This lack of viewership ultimately led to its cancellation.

Additionally, the show’s niche focus on MMA may have limited its appeal to a broader audience. While MMA has a dedicated fanbase, it may not have been enough to sustain the show in the long run.

High Production Costs

Producing a high-quality television series like “Kingdom” comes with significant financial investments. The intricate fight scenes, elaborate sets, and talented cast members all contribute to the show’s production costs. Unfortunately, the expenses associated with “Kingdom” may have outweighed the revenue it generated, leading to its cancellation.

Competing Shows

Television is a highly competitive industry, and “Kingdom” faced tough competition from other popular shows. The presence of similar MMA-themed series or other shows with overlapping target audiences may have divided the viewership and impacted “Kingdom’s” ratings. In such a competitive landscape, the cancellation of “Kingdom” may have been a strategic decision to allocate resources to more promising projects.

Contractual Issues

Behind-the-scenes issues, such as contractual disputes or conflicts between the cast and crew, can often lead to the cancellation of a television series. While not publicly disclosed, it is possible that “Kingdom” faced such challenges, which ultimately contributed to its cancellation.

Creative Direction

The creative direction of a television series plays a crucial role in its success or failure. If the show fails to evolve or capture the interest of its audience, it may lose its appeal over time. It is possible that “Kingdom” struggled to maintain its initial momentum and failed to deliver fresh and engaging content, leading to a decline in viewership and ultimately its cancellation.

Network Decisions

why did kingdom get cancelled mma

Television networks have the final say in the fate of a show, and their decisions are often driven by financial considerations. If a show fails to meet the network’s expectations or align with their long-term goals, they may choose to cancel it. It is possible that “Kingdom” did not align with the network’s strategic vision, leading to its cancellation.

Timing and Scheduling

The timing and scheduling of a television series can significantly impact its success. If a show is placed in a time slot that does not attract a large viewership or faces tough competition from other popular shows airing at the same time, it may struggle to gain traction. The timing and scheduling of “Kingdom” may have worked against its favor, contributing to its cancellation.


The cancellation of “Kingdom” can be attributed to a combination of factors, including low viewership, high production costs, competition from other shows, contractual issues, creative direction, network decisions, and timing and scheduling challenges. While the show had a dedicated fanbase, it ultimately failed to generate the necessary revenue or maintain the necessary viewership to justify its continuation. Despite its cancellation, “Kingdom” will be remembered as a thrilling and impactful series within the MMA genre.

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