why did strikeforce mma shut down

Strikeforce MMA was a prominent mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that operated from 1985 to 2013. However, in 2013, Strikeforce announced its closure, leaving many fans and fighters wondering why such a successful organization would shut down. This article aims to explore the various reasons behind the closure of Strikeforce MMA.

Lack of Financial Stability

One of the primary reasons for Strikeforce’s closure was the lack of financial stability. Despite organizing successful events and having a loyal fan base, the promotion struggled to secure consistent sponsorship deals and television contracts. This financial instability ultimately led to the decision to shut down the organization.

Furthermore, Strikeforce faced stiff competition from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which dominated the MMA market. The UFC’s ability to secure lucrative television deals and attract top-tier fighters put additional pressure on Strikeforce’s financial viability.

Ownership Change

In 2011, Strikeforce was acquired by Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC. While Zuffa initially claimed that Strikeforce would continue to operate independently, many speculated that the acquisition signaled the beginning of the end for the promotion. Over time, it became apparent that Zuffa’s focus was primarily on building the UFC brand, leading to a decline in support and resources for Strikeforce.

Loss of Key Fighters

Strikeforce was known for its roster of talented fighters, including stars like Ronda Rousey, Daniel Cormier, and Luke Rockhold. However, as the UFC’s influence grew, many of Strikeforce’s top fighters were lured away by more lucrative contracts and the opportunity to compete on a bigger stage. The loss of these key fighters weakened Strikeforce’s marketability and overall appeal to fans.

Inferior Talent Pool

why did strikeforce mma shut down

While Strikeforce had several notable fighters, it struggled to consistently attract top-tier talent to compete in their events. This was partly due to the UFC’s dominance in the MMA industry, as many fighters aspired to compete in the UFC for greater exposure and financial opportunities. As a result, Strikeforce often had to rely on less-established fighters, which impacted the overall quality of their events.

Integration Challenges

Following the acquisition by Zuffa, Strikeforce faced integration challenges with the UFC. The two promotions had different operational structures, branding, and fan bases. This integration process proved to be complex and time-consuming, diverting resources and attention away from Strikeforce’s core operations.

TV Network Difficulties

Securing consistent television coverage is crucial for any MMA promotion. Unfortunately, Strikeforce faced difficulties in securing long-term television contracts. This lack of stability limited the promotion’s exposure and hindered its ability to attract new fans and sponsors.

Declining Attendance and Pay-Per-View Sales

Over time, Strikeforce experienced a decline in attendance and pay-per-view sales. This decline was likely influenced by several factors, including the loss of key fighters, lack of consistent television coverage, and the growing popularity of the UFC. The decrease in revenue from live events and pay-per-view sales further strained the promotion’s financial stability.


In conclusion, the closure of Strikeforce MMA can be attributed to a combination of financial instability, the loss of key fighters, inferior talent pool, integration challenges, difficulties securing television coverage, and declining attendance and pay-per-view sales. These factors, along with the UFC’s dominance in the MMA industry, ultimately led to the decision to shut down the organization. Despite its closure, Strikeforce will always be remembered as an influential promotion that contributed to the growth and popularity of MMA.

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