why did wonderboy switch to mma

why did wonderboy switch to mma

Wonderboy, also known as Stephen Thompson, is a renowned martial artist who initially made a name for himself in the world of kickboxing. However, in recent years, he made a surprising switch to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This article aims to explore the reasons behind Wonderboy’s decision to transition to MMA from various perspectives.

1. Expanding His Skill Set

why did wonderboy switch to mma

One of the primary reasons Wonderboy switched to MMA was to expand his skill set. Kickboxing is a discipline that focuses primarily on striking techniques, whereas MMA incorporates various martial arts styles, including grappling and wrestling. By venturing into MMA, Wonderboy sought to become a more well-rounded fighter and challenge himself in new ways.

2. Greater Exposure and Opportunities

MMA has gained immense popularity in recent years and has a larger fan base compared to kickboxing. By transitioning to MMA, Wonderboy aimed to reach a broader audience and gain more exposure. With increased exposure comes greater opportunities for sponsorships, endorsements, and higher-profile fights, which can significantly enhance a fighter’s career.

3. Testing His Skills Against Different Opponents

Wonderboy had already achieved great success in kickboxing and had faced numerous opponents within that discipline. Switching to MMA allowed him to test his skills against a wider range of opponents with diverse fighting styles. This challenge presented an opportunity for growth and further honing his techniques.

4. The Evolution of Martial Arts

Martial arts, including MMA, have evolved significantly over the years. By transitioning to MMA, Wonderboy aimed to stay at the forefront of this evolution and adapt to the changing landscape of combat sports. MMA provides a platform for fighters to showcase their versatility and adaptability, which aligns with Wonderboy’s desire to constantly improve and remain competitive.

5. Pursuit of Championships

While Wonderboy had achieved success in kickboxing, he had not yet attained a championship title. By switching to MMA, he saw an opportunity to compete for prestigious titles in various weight classes. The chance to become an MMA champion was a significant motivating factor for Wonderboy’s transition.

6. Financial Incentives

MMA offers potentially higher financial rewards compared to kickboxing. The sport’s popularity, pay-per-view events, and a larger fan base contribute to increased earning potential for fighters. Wonderboy’s decision to switch to MMA may have been influenced by the desire to secure better financial stability for himself and his family.

7. Desire for a New Challenge

After achieving considerable success in kickboxing, Wonderboy may have felt the need for a new challenge. MMA presented a fresh and exciting opportunity to test his skills in a different combat arena. The prospect of facing new opponents and overcoming different obstacles appealed to Wonderboy’s competitive spirit.

8. Influence of Role Models

Wonderboy may have been inspired by other successful fighters who made the transition from kickboxing to MMA. Seeing the likes of Anderson Silva and Mirko Cro Cop achieve great success in MMA could have influenced Wonderboy’s decision to follow a similar path.


Wonderboy’s decision to switch to MMA was driven by a combination of factors, including the desire to expand his skill set, gain greater exposure, test his skills against different opponents, adapt to the evolving martial arts landscape, pursue championships, financial incentives, seek new challenges, and draw inspiration from role models. This transition has allowed Wonderboy to continue his journey as a martial artist and reach new heights in his career.

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