why didn’t yeri perform at mma 2016

why didn’t yeri perform at mma 2016

MMAs (Melon Music Awards) is one of the most prestigious music award shows in South Korea, known for its star-studded performances. However, in 2016, fans were surprised when Yeri, a member of the popular girl group Red Velvet, did not perform at the event. This absence left many fans wondering why Yeri didn’t perform at MMA 2016.

1. Health Issues

One possible reason for Yeri’s absence could be health issues. Performing at large-scale events like MMAs requires a lot of physical stamina and energy. If Yeri was facing health problems or recovering from an illness, it would be understandable for her to sit out the performance to prioritize her well-being.

2. Scheduling Conflicts

why didn't yeri perform at mma 2016

Another reason could be scheduling conflicts. Red Velvet is a busy group with various commitments, including concerts, promotions, and other events. It’s possible that Yeri had prior commitments or conflicting schedules that prevented her from participating in the MMA performance.

3. Personal Reasons

Yeri may have had personal reasons for not performing at MMA 2016. These reasons could range from family matters to personal issues that required her attention and time. Sometimes, artists need to take a step back from their professional commitments to focus on their personal lives.

4. Conceptual Decisions

The decision to exclude Yeri from the MMA performance could also be a conceptual one. Sometimes, artists or their management team make creative choices to enhance the overall performance or fit a specific theme. It’s possible that Yeri’s absence was part of a larger artistic decision made by Red Velvet or the event organizers.

5. Collaborative Performances

MMAs often feature collaborative performances between different artists. It’s possible that Yeri’s skills or style didn’t align with the planned collaborations for that year. In such cases, it’s common for certain members of a group to sit out performances that don’t suit their strengths or the overall concept.

6. Injury or Accident

Yeri’s absence could be due to an unforeseen injury or accident. If she had recently suffered an injury or was involved in an accident, it would be necessary for her to take time off to recover and avoid further complications. The safety and well-being of artists are always prioritized.

7. Focusing on Solo Activities

At times, group members may take a break from group activities to focus on solo endeavors. Yeri might have had personal projects or opportunities that required her full attention during the time of MMA 2016. This could include solo music releases, acting roles, or other individual pursuits.

8. Rest and Recharge

Performing at award shows like MMAs can be physically and mentally draining. Yeri’s absence could have been a result of her needing some time off to rest and recharge. Taking breaks is crucial for artists to maintain their well-being and deliver their best performances in the long run.


While the exact reason for Yeri’s absence from the MMA 2016 performance may remain unknown, there are various possible explanations. Whether it was due to health issues, personal reasons, scheduling conflicts, or artistic decisions, it’s important to respect an artist’s choices and prioritize their well-being. Fans can continue to support and appreciate Yeri’s talent and contributions as a member of Red Velvet.

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