why do i find mma boring

why do i find mma boring

Why do I find MMA boring?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained immense popularity over the years, attracting millions of fans worldwide. However, despite its widespread appeal, I find MMA boring for several reasons. In this article, I will delve into various aspects that contribute to my lack of interest in this sport.

Lack of technicality and strategy

One of the main reasons why I find MMA boring is the perceived lack of technicality and strategy compared to other combat sports such as boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While MMA fighters possess a diverse skill set, the constant switching between striking and grappling can sometimes result in a messy and chaotic fight. This lack of finesse and precision diminishes my enjoyment of the sport.

Furthermore, the rules and regulations of MMA often prioritize aggression and entertainment over technical mastery. This emphasis on creating a spectacle can sometimes overshadow the true artistry and strategic elements that make combat sports captivating.

Excessive violence

MMA is known for its brutal and violent nature, which can be a major turn-off for many individuals, including myself. The sight of fighters relentlessly pummeling each other, often resulting in bloodshed and serious injuries, is not something I find enjoyable or entertaining. The excessive violence can overshadow the skill and athleticism displayed by the fighters, making it difficult for me to appreciate the sport.

Moreover, the potential long-term health consequences for the fighters, such as concussions and brain damage, further dampen my enthusiasm for MMA. The focus on inflicting damage rather than outsmarting opponents detracts from the sport’s appeal for me.

Overemphasis on showmanship

MMA has become increasingly focused on showmanship and spectacle, with fighters often engaging in trash talk and engaging in pre-fight antics to generate hype. While this may attract casual viewers and increase the sport’s popularity, it detracts from the essence of martial arts and fair competition. The emphasis on entertainment value over skill and sportsmanship diminishes my interest in MMA.

Additionally, the prevalence of extravagant entrances, walkout music, and flashy celebrations after victories can overshadow the actual fight itself. This excessive showmanship takes away from the purity and authenticity that I seek in a combat sport.

Limited weight classes

Another aspect that contributes to my lack of interest in MMA is the limited number of weight classes. Unlike boxing, which has numerous weight divisions, MMA only has a handful. This leads to significant mismatches in size and strength, which can result in one-sided fights that lack competitiveness and excitement.

Furthermore, the lack of weight classes can sometimes lead to fighters cutting extreme amounts of weight to compete in a lower division. This practice not only poses health risks but also affects the overall quality of the fights, as dehydrated fighters may lack the energy and stamina to perform at their best.

Unpredictable outcomes

While some may argue that the unpredictability of MMA is one of its most exciting aspects, I find it to be a drawback. Unlike sports with clear-cut rules and scoring systems, MMA fights can end abruptly due to a single strike or submission, leaving little room for prolonged back-and-forth battles.

This unpredictability often results in fights that are either too short or lack sustained action, making it difficult for me to become fully engaged in the sport. The lack of certainty regarding the duration and outcome of a fight diminishes my enjoyment of MMA.

Commercialization and excessive promotion

MMA has become heavily commercialized in recent years, with promotions such as the UFC dominating the industry. While this has undoubtedly increased the sport’s popularity and financial success, it has also led to an excessive focus on marketing and promotion.

The constant barrage of advertisements, sponsorships, and pay-per-view events can be overwhelming and detract from the purity of the sport. The commercialization of MMA often prioritizes profit over the integrity of the fights, which can be disheartening for fans seeking a genuine sporting experience.

Lack of diversity in fighting styles

Although MMA combines various martial arts disciplines, there is often a lack of diversity in fighting styles displayed in the octagon. Many fighters rely heavily on striking or grappling, neglecting other techniques that could add more excitement and variety to the matches.

why do i find mma boring

Additionally, the dominance of certain fighting styles or techniques can lead to repetitive and predictable fights. The lack of innovation and experimentation in fighting styles limits the potential for captivating matchups, reducing my overall interest in MMA.


In conclusion, my lack of interest in MMA stems from various factors, including the perceived lack of technicality and strategy, excessive violence, overemphasis on showmanship, limited weight classes, unpredictable outcomes, commercialization, and lack of diversity in fighting styles. While MMA has its dedicated fan base, it fails to captivate me due to these reasons.

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