why do leg bones break during a kick mma

In mixed martial arts (MMA), leg kicks are a common and powerful technique used by fighters. However, leg bones can sometimes break during a kick, leading to severe injuries. This article aims to explore the various reasons why leg bones may break during an MMA kick.

1. Impact Force

The impact force generated during an MMA kick can be immense. When a fighter delivers a kick with full force, the energy transferred to the opponent’s leg can cause the bones to break. The speed and accuracy of the kick, combined with the force exerted, can overwhelm the structural integrity of the leg.

why do leg bones break during a kick mma

2. Targeted Areas

The choice of target can also contribute to leg bone breaks. Kicking the opponent’s shin, for example, can lead to a phenomenon known as “shin-on-shin” collision. This occurs when two fighters simultaneously kick each other’s shins, resulting in a high risk of bone fractures due to the direct impact.

3. Density and Strength of Bones

Each individual’s bone density and strength can vary. Some fighters may naturally have weaker bones, making them more prone to fractures during a kick. Factors such as age, nutrition, and previous injuries can also affect bone health and make them more susceptible to breaking.

4. Technique Flaws

Improper technique can significantly increase the risk of leg bone breaks. If a fighter fails to properly align their leg during a kick or lacks the necessary flexibility, the force exerted on the leg may not be distributed evenly, leading to a higher chance of fractures.

5. Conditioning and Preparation

A fighter’s conditioning and preparation play a crucial role in preventing leg bone breaks. Regular strength and conditioning training can help strengthen the bones and surrounding muscles, making them more resilient to impact. Insufficient conditioning can weaken the leg’s structure, making it more vulnerable to fractures.

6. Protective Measures

The use of protective gear, such as shin guards, can help reduce the risk of leg bone breaks during MMA kicks. Shin guards provide an additional layer of padding and support, absorbing some of the impact force and reducing the likelihood of fractures.

7. Fatigue and Overtraining

Fatigue and overtraining can compromise a fighter’s technique and physical capabilities. When a fighter is exhausted, their kicks may lack the necessary precision and power, increasing the chances of improper alignment and subsequent bone fractures.

8. Environmental Factors

The environment in which the fight takes place can also contribute to leg bone breaks. Fighting on hard surfaces, such as concrete or wooden floors, can amplify the impact force and increase the risk of fractures. Conversely, fighting on a padded or matted surface can provide some cushioning, reducing the likelihood of bone breaks.


Leg bone breaks during an MMA kick can occur due to various factors, including the impact force, targeted areas, bone density, technique flaws, conditioning, protective measures, fatigue, and environmental factors. It is crucial for fighters to understand these factors and take appropriate measures to minimize the risk of leg bone fractures, ensuring their safety and well-being in the sport.

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