why do mma fighters get paid so little

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained immense popularity in recent years, attracting millions of viewers and creating a global fan base. However, despite the sport’s growing success, many MMA fighters are still struggling to make a decent living. This article aims to explore the reasons why MMA fighters are paid so little, examining various factors that contribute to their relatively low earnings.

Lack of Collective Bargaining

Unlike major professional sports leagues such as the NFL or NBA, MMA fighters do not have a strong union or collective bargaining power. This lack of representation makes it difficult for fighters to negotiate for better pay and benefits. Without a unified voice, fighters are often at the mercy of individual promotions and their bargaining power, resulting in lower salaries.

High Training Costs

MMA fighters require extensive training in various disciplines, including striking, grappling, and conditioning. These training expenses can quickly add up, including gym fees, coaching fees, travel costs, and medical expenses. The financial burden of training can leave fighters with little income to support themselves, especially in the early stages of their careers.

Revenue Distribution

While MMA promotions generate substantial revenue from ticket sales, pay-per-view events, and sponsorships, the distribution of this revenue is often skewed. Promotions tend to allocate a significant portion of the revenue towards promotion costs, executive salaries, and other overhead expenses, leaving a smaller percentage for fighter compensation.

Lack of Sponsorship Opportunities

MMA fighters heavily rely on sponsorships to supplement their income. However, compared to other professional athletes, MMA fighters often struggle to secure lucrative sponsorship deals. This can be attributed to the sport’s relatively young age, as well as the negative stigma associated with MMA in certain circles, making it less appealing to potential sponsors.

Short Career Span

The physical demands of MMA make it challenging for fighters to have long careers. The risk of injuries and the toll on the body can force fighters to retire at a relatively young age. With a shorter career span, fighters have less time to accumulate wealth and establish financial security, resulting in lower overall earnings.

Perception of Fighters as Disposable

MMA promotions often have a large roster of fighters, making it easier for them to replace any individual fighter. This perception of fighters as disposable assets gives promotions the upper hand in contract negotiations, allowing them to offer lower salaries. The abundance of aspiring fighters willing to compete at lower pay rates further contributes to the low wages in the industry.

Lack of Revenue Transparency

MMA promotions are not always transparent about their financials, making it difficult for fighters to gauge the true revenue potential of an event or promotion. This lack of transparency can lead to fighters accepting lower pay than they deserve, as they are unaware of the actual profits being generated.

why do mma fighters get paid so little

Global Disparities

The pay gap between top-tier fighters and those lower down the ranks is significant in MMA. While the highest-paid fighters can earn substantial sums, the majority of fighters earn much less. This global disparity in earnings further highlights the issue of low pay in the sport.


There are several reasons why MMA fighters are paid so little, ranging from the lack of collective bargaining power to the high training costs and revenue distribution practices of promotions. The industry needs to address these issues to ensure that fighters receive fair compensation for their dedication and sacrifices. By improving revenue transparency, increasing sponsorship opportunities, and establishing a unified fighters’ association, the MMA community can work towards creating a more equitable pay structure for its athletes.

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