why do mma fighters shave

why do mma fighters shave

Why Do MMA Fighters Shave?

Shaving is a common practice among MMA fighters. While it may seem like a personal preference or a fashion statement, there are several reasons why fighters choose to shave. In this article, we will explore the various aspects that contribute to the prevalence of shaving among MMA fighters.

1. Reduces the Risk of Infection

One of the primary reasons why MMA fighters shave is to reduce the risk of infection. During fights, fighters come into close contact with their opponents, and any open wounds or cuts can easily become infected. By shaving their bodies, fighters eliminate excess body hair that can trap bacteria and make it difficult to clean wounds properly.

Furthermore, shaving allows for better application of ointments and disinfectants, as it provides a smooth surface for these products to adhere to. This reduces the chances of infection and promotes faster healing.

2. Enhances Grip and Traction

Shaving can also enhance grip and traction during fights. Body hair, particularly on the arms and legs, can make it harder for fighters to maintain a secure grip on their opponents or the mat. By removing excess hair, fighters can improve their grip strength and overall control during grappling exchanges.

In addition, shaving can prevent sweat from getting trapped in body hair, which can lead to slippery surfaces. With a smooth and hair-free body, fighters can maintain better traction on the mat, reducing the risk of slipping or losing balance.

3. Prevents Hair Pulling

Another reason why MMA fighters shave is to prevent hair pulling. In the heat of a fight, opponents may resort to grabbing and pulling any available body part to gain an advantage. By removing body hair, fighters eliminate the possibility of their opponents using their hair as a grip point, reducing the chances of injury and distractions during the fight.

4. Improves Aerodynamics

Shaving can also improve aerodynamics for fighters. In sports like MMA, where speed and agility are crucial, having a streamlined body can make a difference. Removing body hair reduces drag and allows fighters to move more efficiently through the air, potentially enhancing their overall performance.

5. Ensures Proper Application of Protective Gear

why do mma fighters shave

Proper application of protective gear is essential in MMA. Shaving helps in ensuring that protective gear, such as headgear and mouthguards, fit securely and comfortably. Body hair can interfere with the fit of these items, making them less effective in providing the necessary protection. By shaving, fighters can ensure that their protective gear fits snugly and stays in place during a fight.

6. Enhances Muscle Definition

Shaving can enhance muscle definition, which is important for aesthetic purposes and visual appeal. By removing body hair, fighters can showcase their hard-earned muscles and physique more prominently. This can contribute to their overall image and marketability as professional athletes.

7. Easier Application of Massage and Recovery Techniques

MMA fighters often undergo intense training sessions and physical exertion, which can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Shaving facilitates easier application of massage oils, creams, and recovery techniques such as cupping or scraping. The absence of body hair allows for better contact and movement of the hands or tools over the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of these recovery methods.

8. Psychological Advantage

Lastly, shaving can provide a psychological advantage to MMA fighters. A clean-shaven appearance can exude confidence and professionalism. It can also help fighters feel more prepared and mentally focused for their fights. Additionally, some fighters believe that shaving symbolizes a fresh start or a shedding of old habits, further boosting their mental state before stepping into the cage.

In conclusion, MMA fighters shave for various reasons, including reducing the risk of infection, enhancing grip and traction, preventing hair pulling, improving aerodynamics, ensuring proper application of protective gear, enhancing muscle definition, facilitating recovery techniques, and providing a psychological advantage. While personal preferences may also play a role, these practical benefits make shaving a common practice among MMA fighters.

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