why do mma women wiegh in towels

why do mma women wiegh in towels

Why do MMA Women Weigh In Towels?

When it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA), one peculiar practice that often raises eyebrows is the way female fighters weigh in. Unlike their male counterparts, who typically weigh in wearing only their underwear, female fighters often weigh in while draped in towels. This practice has sparked curiosity and debate among fans and critics alike. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind why MMA women weigh in towels from various perspectives.

why do mma women wiegh in towels

1. Privacy and Comfort

One possible reason for female MMA fighters weighing in towels is to provide them with a sense of privacy and comfort. Weigh-ins are public events, and many female athletes may feel more at ease being partially covered by a towel rather than being exposed in their underwear. This practice allows them to maintain a level of modesty while still adhering to the weigh-in protocols.

Furthermore, towels can offer a sense of physical comfort during the weigh-in process. The towels can help absorb excess sweat and provide a barrier between the fighter’s skin and the scales, which may be cold or uncomfortable to stand on.

2. Uniformity and Equality

The use of towels during weigh-ins for female MMA fighters may also be a way to promote uniformity and equality among all fighters. By having both male and female fighters weigh in differently, it could create an unnecessary distinction between the genders. Using towels for female fighters ensures that the weigh-in process is standardized for all athletes, regardless of their gender.

Additionally, this practice can help combat any potential objectification of female fighters. By allowing them to weigh in while partially covered, it shifts the focus away from their physical appearance and emphasizes their skills and abilities as athletes.

3. Marketing and Promotion

From a marketing and promotional standpoint, having female fighters weigh in towels can generate intrigue and attention. It creates a visual contrast between the male and female fighters, making the weigh-in process more visually appealing and memorable. This can help generate buzz and interest surrounding the event, ultimately benefiting the promotion and the fighters themselves.

Moreover, the use of towels during weigh-ins can be seen as a way to maintain suspense and build anticipation for the upcoming fight. It adds an element of mystery and excitement, as fans eagerly await the unveiling of the fighters’ actual weight.

4. Tradition and Precedence

The practice of female MMA fighters weighing in towels may also stem from tradition and precedence. In combat sports such as boxing, fighters have been known to use towels during weigh-ins for years. MMA, being a relatively young sport, may have adopted this practice from its predecessors as a way to maintain continuity and familiarity.

Furthermore, if the use of towels during weigh-ins has become the norm for female fighters, it might be challenging to deviate from this tradition without causing confusion or controversy. As such, the practice continues to be followed to maintain consistency within the sport.

5. Regulation and Official Guidelines

Regulation and official guidelines set by athletic commissions and governing bodies play a significant role in determining how female fighters weigh in. These organizations may have specific rules in place that require female fighters to weigh in towels for consistency and fairness.

By adhering to these regulations, the sport ensures that all fighters are treated equally and that the weigh-in process is conducted in a standardized manner. This helps maintain the integrity of the sport and prevents any potential disputes or controversies regarding the accuracy of the weigh-ins.

6. Psychological Factors

Psychologically, the use of towels during weigh-ins for female MMA fighters may have a positive impact on their mental well-being. The towel can act as a shield, providing a sense of comfort and security during what can be a stressful and nerve-wracking event.

Additionally, the towel may serve as a psychological tool to help fighters maintain focus and concentration. By partially covering their bodies, female fighters can create a barrier between themselves and the surrounding distractions, allowing them to stay in the right mindset before stepping into the cage.


The practice of female MMA fighters weighing in towels serves various purposes, including privacy, uniformity, marketing, tradition, regulation, and psychological factors. While some may question the necessity of this practice, it is essential to consider the different perspectives and reasons behind it. Ultimately, the use of towels during weigh-ins for female fighters has become an integral part of the MMA culture, and it continues to shape the sport in unique ways.

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