why do philippine mma fighters have rat tail

Why do Philippine MMA Fighters Have Rat Tail?

Philippine MMA fighters are known for their unique hairstyle called the rat tail. This distinctive hairstyle, characterized by a long strand of hair at the back of the head, has become a symbol of pride and identity for many Filipino fighters. While the exact reasons for this trend may vary from fighter to fighter, there are several factors that contribute to the prevalence of the rat tail among Philippine MMA fighters.

Cultural Significance

One reason why Philippine MMA fighters have rat tails is the cultural significance attached to this hairstyle. In Filipino culture, hair is considered an important aspect of one’s identity and is often seen as a symbol of strength and masculinity. The rat tail, therefore, serves as a way for fighters to embrace their heritage and showcase their Filipino identity.

Furthermore, the rat tail hairstyle has historical roots in the Philippines. It is reminiscent of the traditional warrior hairstyles worn by ancient Filipino warriors called “kampilan.” By adopting the rat tail, MMA fighters pay homage to their ancestors and connect with their martial arts heritage.

Practicality and Functionality

why do philippine mma fighters have rat tail

The rat tail also offers practical benefits for MMA fighters. During fights, having long hair can be a disadvantage as it can obstruct vision or be easily grabbed by opponents. By tying their hair into a rat tail, fighters can keep their hair secured and out of their face, allowing them to focus on their opponents and perform at their best.

Additionally, the rat tail can serve as an indicator of a fighter’s movement. As fighters engage in fast-paced and dynamic movements, the rat tail can act as a visual cue for their opponents, signaling their direction and helping them anticipate their next move.

Style and Individuality

The rat tail has also become a fashion statement and a way for fighters to express their individuality. Each fighter may have their own unique way of styling their rat tail, whether it’s braiding it, tying it with a ribbon, or adorning it with beads. This allows fighters to showcase their personal style and stand out in the MMA community.

Moreover, the rat tail has gained popularity not only among professional fighters but also among MMA enthusiasts and fans. By adopting this hairstyle, fans can show their support for their favorite fighters and feel a sense of camaraderie within the MMA community.

Superstition and Ritual

Superstition and rituals play a significant role in the world of combat sports, and the rat tail is no exception. Some fighters believe that the rat tail brings them luck and serves as a protective charm during fights. They may perform certain rituals or ceremonies associated with their rat tail, such as blessing it or seeking the guidance of their ancestors. These beliefs and practices add an element of spirituality and tradition to the rat tail phenomenon in Philippine MMA.

Team Unity

The rat tail can also foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among fighters within the same team or gym. By all sporting the same hairstyle, fighters can create a visual representation of their team identity and unity. This shared symbol can serve as a reminder of their collective goals and motivate them to train and fight together as a cohesive unit.

Marketing and Branding

In the world of professional MMA, fighters often need to build their personal brand and market themselves to attract sponsors and fans. The rat tail can serve as a unique selling point for Filipino fighters, helping them stand out in a crowded field. It becomes part of their personal brand and can contribute to their marketability as athletes.

Legacy and Tradition

Finally, the rat tail has become a part of the legacy and tradition of Philippine MMA. As more fighters continue to adopt this hairstyle, it becomes deeply ingrained in the culture of the sport in the Philippines. Younger fighters may see their idols sporting the rat tail and feel inspired to carry on this tradition, ensuring its longevity for future generations.

In conclusion, the prevalence of the rat tail among Philippine MMA fighters can be attributed to its cultural significance, practicality, style, superstition, team unity, marketing potential, and the desire to uphold legacy and tradition. This unique hairstyle has become a symbol of pride, identity, and individuality for Filipino fighters, connecting them to their roots and distinguishing them in the world of MMA.

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