why do the idiots in mma cat call

why do the idiots in mma cat call

Why Do the Idiots in MMA Cat Call?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a popular combat sport that has gained a massive following worldwide. Unfortunately, within this community, some individuals engage in inappropriate behavior, such as cat calling. This article aims to explore the possible reasons behind why these idiots in MMA cat call, examining various aspects of the sport and its culture.

1. Misogyny and Machismo

One possible explanation for cat calling in MMA is the presence of misogyny and machismo within the sport. Some individuals may view MMA as a hyper-masculine environment, where they feel the need to assert dominance over women through disrespectful behavior.

Moreover, the objectification of female fighters and ring girls, who often wear revealing outfits, may contribute to this behavior. It is essential to challenge these harmful attitudes and promote respect for all individuals involved in the sport.

2. Lack of Education and Awareness

Another reason for the prevalence of cat calling in MMA could be a lack of education and awareness regarding appropriate behavior. Some individuals may not understand the impact of their actions or may not have been taught about consent and respect.

Addressing this issue requires implementing educational programs that promote gender equality, respect, and consent within the MMA community. By fostering a culture of understanding, we can work towards eliminating cat calling and other forms of harassment.

3. Peer Pressure and Group Mentality

The presence of peer pressure and a group mentality within the MMA community can also contribute to cat calling. Some individuals may engage in such behavior to fit in or gain acceptance from their peers.

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment within MMA can help combat this issue. Encouraging individuals to stand up against cat calling and supporting those who speak out can help break the cycle of inappropriate behavior.

4. Lack of Consequences

If there are no significant consequences for cat calling in MMA, individuals may feel emboldened to continue engaging in such behavior. The absence of strict policies or enforcement can contribute to the persistence of this issue.

Implementing clear guidelines and penalties for inappropriate behavior, including cat calling, is crucial. This ensures that individuals understand the seriousness of their actions and face appropriate consequences if they choose to engage in such behavior.

5. Desensitization to Violence

MMA is a sport that revolves around physical combat, which can lead to desensitization to violence. Some individuals may become desensitized to the impact of their words and actions, including cat calling, due to the nature of the sport.

Creating a culture that emphasizes respect and empathy, both inside and outside the ring, can help combat this issue. Promoting sportsmanship and focusing on the positive aspects of MMA can contribute to a more respectful community.

why do the idiots in mma cat call

6. Lack of Female Representation

The lack of female representation and visibility within the MMA community can contribute to cat calling. When women are seen as a minority in the sport, some individuals may feel entitled to objectify and disrespect them.

Increasing the representation of female fighters, trainers, and officials can help challenge these attitudes. By promoting gender equality and inclusivity, we can create a more respectful and supportive environment within MMA.


The prevalence of cat calling in MMA is a concerning issue that needs to be addressed. By examining the various factors contributing to this behavior, such as misogyny, lack of education, peer pressure, and desensitization to violence, we can work towards creating a more respectful and inclusive MMA community.

It is essential for organizations, athletes, and fans to actively promote respect, consent, and gender equality within the sport. By doing so, we can foster a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals involved in MMA.

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