why does boxing pay better than mma

why does boxing pay better than mma

why does boxing pay better than mma

Boxing and MMA are two popular combat sports that have gained immense popularity worldwide. While both sports require exceptional skill and athleticism, boxing is known to pay better than MMA. This article aims to explore the various reasons behind the higher pay in boxing compared to MMA.

1. Historical Significance

Boxing has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times. It has been a part of the Olympic Games since ancient Greece. Over the years, boxing has established itself as a prestigious sport with a large fan base and a dedicated following. The historical significance and tradition associated with boxing have contributed to its higher pay scale.

2. Established Promotional Companies

Boxing has well-established promotional companies such as Top Rank, Golden Boy Promotions, and Matchroom Boxing. These companies have the resources and expertise to organize high-profile events, attract sponsors, and negotiate lucrative contracts for their fighters. The presence of such established promotional companies gives boxers more opportunities for higher pay.

3. Pay-Per-View Revenue

Boxing events often generate significant revenue through pay-per-view (PPV) sales. Major boxing matches, such as those involving high-profile fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao, attract millions of viewers worldwide. The revenue generated from PPV sales allows boxing promoters to offer substantial purses to the fighters, resulting in higher pay.

4. Greater Sponsorship Opportunities

Boxing has a larger pool of sponsors compared to MMA. Many big brands are willing to associate themselves with boxing events and boxers due to the sport’s popularity and global reach. This leads to more sponsorship opportunities for boxers, enabling them to earn additional income outside of their fight purses.

5. Exclusive Television Deals

Boxing has established exclusive television deals with major networks, such as HBO and Showtime. These networks pay substantial amounts to broadcast high-profile boxing matches. The revenue generated from these television deals allows promoters to offer higher pay to the fighters. MMA, on the other hand, does not have as many exclusive television deals, resulting in lower overall pay for its athletes.

6. Limited Fighter Pool

Compared to MMA, the pool of professional boxers is relatively smaller. This limited pool of fighters creates a higher demand for top-level boxers, leading to increased pay. In MMA, there is a larger talent pool, which can result in more competition and lower pay for individual fighters.

7. Longer History of Pay-Per-View Success

Boxing has had a longer history of successful pay-per-view events compared to MMA. The sport has produced numerous legendary fights that have generated massive revenue. This track record of pay-per-view success has further solidified boxing’s position as a high-paying sport.

8. Cultural and Global Appeal

Boxing has a broader cultural and global appeal compared to MMA. It has been popularized through movies, iconic fighters, and historic rivalries. This wider appeal attracts a larger audience and generates more revenue, allowing for higher pay for boxers.

9. Boxing’s Individualistic Nature

Boxing is primarily an individual sport, where fighters compete one-on-one. This individualistic nature allows for more focus on specific fighters and their personal stories, creating a deeper connection between the audience and the athletes. This connection translates into higher pay as fans are more willing to pay to watch their favorite boxers in action.


While both boxing and MMA require exceptional skill and dedication, boxing pays better due to its historical significance, established promotional companies, pay-per-view revenue, greater sponsorship opportunities, exclusive television deals, limited fighter pool, longer history of pay-per-view success, cultural and global appeal, and the individualistic nature of the sport. These factors contribute to the higher pay scale in boxing compared to MMA.

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